A Runway Model in San Francisco

Here at EC San Francisco, we get students from all around the globe. We have students working in all professions you can think of. We have students of all ages! But to have a student studying English with us, and is actually a runway model… That’s rare! So, we would like you to meet Vanessa from Brazil! She’s a walk-in student. Here’s her story.

Venessa Adamatti is a Brazilian model, from Feliz, which means Happy, Brazil. She is 25 years old. Vanessa never thought of modeling. She has never thought of career until one day an scouting team found her when she was sixteen years old. They flew her to Sao Paolo to meet the agency. Later on, she won a modeling contest, and signed up with them. She’s been working with them for the past nine years with the blessing of her family.

The best part she loves about her job is being able to travel. She traveled around the world to places, such as, Milan, Paris, Porto, Lisbon, New York City, and currently in San Francisco. Moreover, she loves the fact that she made friends from all around the world. She described them “different people, from different places”. She decided to come to San Francisco because her boyfriend moved to the States. The model wants to be with him, but she also thought it was going to be a great opportunity to improve her English.

Vanessa found us on the internet. She was looking for the best schools in San Francisco. Then, she read some reviews and luckily, she found us. She walked in and visited many of the school. We were the lucky chosen ones. Her favorite time in EC  consisted of participating in the activities. She also loved how our classes are communicative; we incorporate pair work a lot, which made it very easy for her to make friends and bond over English.


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