Special Focus Classes

Here at EC San Francisco, we offer a variety of classes that specializes in one skill. We target that special skill for an hour a half everyday. So by the end of the class, students will have the sufficient knowledge to use it outside in their daily lives. The classes take place in the afternoons, after lunch break. They are required when students register as semi-intensive or intensive students. We have classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and others on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We offer speaking classes, writing classes, grammar or vocabulary and of course Test Preps. The availability of the classes depends on our students’ needs. So it is important to note that they’re not always available. Our top three classes for the summer are; Grammar for Real Communication, Academic Skills & Speaking with Confidence.


Grammar for Real Communication

Grammar for Real Communication is designed to target grammar in context. We teach our students the grammar they need to communicate with people in the real world. The courses target conversational grammar along with grammar for workplace, written communication and media … etc. We have three different level. Lower, Intermediate and Upper.


Academic Skills

Academic Skills is a multi level class. It targets skills that students will need in a college and academic settings. Students who are interested in pursuing their higher education in the States definitely benefit from this one. The skills include; note taking, lecture summarizing, paper editing and revising, drafting, and many more!


Speaking with Confidence

If you ask any of our students about the one skill they wish to master, they will tell you Speaking! Most of the times, our students only lack the confidence to express their opinions. So in this class, we first boost their confidence. We teach them that language is about communication first, then technicalities. We get them to talk and put them in situation where they could debate and express their opinions and thoughts about various topics. They will find us a very safe space!

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