Simple Present is So Simple

In our English language course, and after we teach students hellos and goodbyes, we introduce then to the Simple Present Tense. It is the simplest yet most important tense to learn in English. Because if you understand it well, everything else that follow will be easy!   What is the Simple Pres … Read more

Recap of the Month of November

1. Movie Nights It’s getting cold here in San Francisco! Earlier this month, we signed up to go to the AMC Metreon on Mission St. It’s a couple of blocks away from our school. We booked a whole row of seats and together we watched the intense movies: Joker and the new Disney Maleficent. … Read more

4 Top Places to Visit in Oakland!

Across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, there’s a whole world that could be discovered. Usually, people who visit us here in San Francisco are reluctant to visit Oakland. Only because the bridge that connects the East Bay to San Francisco isn’t Golden! Well, it might not be as flash … Read more


We hope that you had a great Halloween! Our Halloween was the BEST! We decorated our school with spider webs and zombie hands reaching out to get you! We had a giant spider hanging around the EC sign. The orange carpet fit in the middle of school. Our skull greeted students on the front desk. A gian … Read more