Young Learners at EC San Francisco

  who are they! It has become a habit that we receive a closed group of young learners in January. The agency, ACP, promotes for two weeks of English learning to young South Koreans. They come from different cities in Korea. They are 10 to 15 year old boys and girls. Two adult leaders accompany them, and are responsible for their well-being and fun after school activities.  We were responsible for providing their lunch everyday. In class! They spend their winter vacation between learning English, experiencing the American classroom, and enjoy their time in the San Francisco. This year we had 19 students who arrived on the 10th. We tested them, placed them all in our biggest classroom. Teacher Linah was assigned to teach them for two weeks. She was responsible on scaffolding what they have already acquired in Korea. They learned about Media on week one, then learned about Arts on week two. They also painted and drew a lot of pictures expressing their feelings and experiences. The most part they enjoyed was telling stories using Rory’s Cubes. On their last day, they watched the Netflix movie Klaus as a whole class. Outside of class! The South Korean kids enjoyed their afternoon schedule too. They went out and explored the Bay Area everyday. They visited Pier 39 and enjoyed the Sea Lions. They went to Fishermen Wharf with Teacher Sophie. Teacher Phan took them to the Coit Tower. They toured around North Beach with Teacher Chloe. They visited the Mission and the Golden Gate Park. A Korean graduate student from UC Berkeley gave them a tour and introduced them to the University’s historical significance. Then, they went to Sausalito and spent the day enjoying ice cream with Teacher Linah. They visited the Museum of Ice Cream, too! They finally … Read more

A Recap of January

National Pie Day We at EC like our pies, we wish it is pie day everyday! So on 1/24 we decided to celebrate America’s national pie day with our students. During break, we Brough a banana pie, and apple pie, a pumpkin and pecan pie… We shared them with every one! Exploratorium The best experience of the Exploratorium is when you enjoy it at night. On 1/23 we booked tickets for after hours night tours. We interacted with Science and experimented with different concepts while enjoying a couple of refreshments and some small bites! Sketching & Art On the fifteenth of this month, we have so many artists among us! But we also have so many more who are daredevils and are willing to try out FREE art class with Amanda. The topic of interest was to sketch portraits while we’re blind folded. They turned out great! We thank you everyone who participated! Crossing the GGB January is usually a month of fog! It’s fog city anyway. There’s always Karl rolling into the city! So, it was a rare day of January the 12th, when Anna took a bunch of our lucky students to cross the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Sausalito. They enjoyed their day and had a great exercise. Also, lunch in Sausalito is the best! There are way too many options of delicious food and local restaurants overlooking the Bay! Sungho Graduated! Sungho from South Korea is one of our most awesome long term students. He spent over six months with us. He met his girlfriend and started a romance story with her in our school. But then she left to EC New York. So he finally decided to follow her and be with her. As much as we were bummed for losing one of … Read more

“My Internship at EC San Francisco” by Sandra Taschke

  “I am Sandra from Germany, and I’m studying Multilingual Communication in my fifth semester of my undergrad degree. I came to EC San Francisco in October to do an internship at Student Services for four months. Next week will be the last week of my internship – and I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity of doing an internship here. My main tasks were to help students who reach out to the front desk, maintain student files, help during orientation and graduation day, lead student activities, and many other administrative procedures and tasks. I’ve also learned much about American business culture, and workplace ethics, general school procedures, and I learned a lot about many different cultures from all around the world. Besides the internship, San Francisco is a wonderful city to live in. There is so much to see and so much to do. What I love the most about SF is that it has so many spots where you get beautiful views overlooking the city or the ocean. I am already so sad about leaving EC soon, since I really enjoyed this internship. I love the atmosphere at this school. And I will miss all the great people that I have met here, whether staff members, teachers or student”. This post was written by our lovely intern Sandra. We will miss you so much once you leave us. We are already feeling anxious for your leave. You have been a vital part of EC in the past four months and we cannot imagine what we would be doing after you leave us on Friday! But we are excited to see where life takes you, and we hope that the time you have spent with us will help you advance in your personal and professional life! – EC San Francisco … Read more

Golden Gate Bridge inspire our Golden Rules!

Four Cheap Lounges in San Francisco

This post is about our favorite spots to hangout in SF, relax after work or school, and enjoy cheap food and drinks!   1. Sutter Station Tavern It is on Market St. Sutter Station Tavern is only a block or two from our school. They have pool tables. Also, They offer 5 dollar beers on their happy hour. Their Happy Hour times are Monday to Friday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It is a great spot for after school beers. They have seven different kinds of beer on tab! They also have a full bar and make your famous cocktails. 2. Tesmpest Bar & Box Kitchen This is a bar located in the same area as San Francisco Chronicle at 431 Natoma St in San Francisco. The bar was opened in 2010. It is a great location for Baseball fans. It is a favorite of the SF Giants fans. They specialize in serving late night food. Their Happy Hour is Monday through Friday from 11 in the morning until 2:00 PM. They also having different menus for lunch, dinner and late night menu. They’re the sister bar of Louie’s; another awesome dive spot in San Francisco located in the financial district. 3. The Saloon Here’s a spot located in Little Italy that is 150+ years old, making it San Francisco’s oldest saloon. It features live music from local Blues artists and bands. Some say it is the greatest Blues bar. The Saloon is at 1232 Grant St. It is also a walking distant from our school. It’s your typical dive bar with typical cocktails and beers. 4. El Rio This lounge is spacious and has a huge garden (an outdoors area) where people can enjoy fresh air while mingling. They also have live shows that start around 8:00PM, on … Read more