Golden Rules of the English Language

Every language has a set of rules that must be memorized to master it. Here are some golden rules of English that everyone who is learning must keep them in mind at all times! Even after you leave us, please try to print these and revisit them every other day.   Every English sentence has a verb! Every English sentence starts with a Subject followed by a Verb. A sentence is a group of words that has a complete thought, meaning or idea. A sentence always starts with a capital letter and ends with an ending mark. A Subject tells who or what the sentence is about. the Verb is an action word that tells what someone or something does. A noun names a person, animal, place or a thing. An exact noun tells more a noun. E.g. The animal (noun) eats. The dog (exact noun) eats. A compound noun is a word made from two smaller words: dog + house = doghouse. A collective noun is a noun that names a group of people, animals or things. E.g. Family, Litter, Class A noun can name one or more than one. Add -s to most nouns to name more than one. Some nouns change spelling to name more than one. E.g. One child. Three children. A verb tells what someone or something does. E.g. dig, plant, eat. Add -s to most verbs to tell about one person, place or a thing. E.g One bird stops. The words (am, is, are) are verbs called (to-be) They tell about now. E.g. I am six. Kip is little. Use AM to tell about yourself. Use IS to tell about one person, thing, place. Use ARE to tell about more than one.   If you want to learn more, Please sign up for English … Read more

How to Spend Valentine’s in San Francisco

Are you still in San Francisco? ٌYou don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy SF’s Valentine’s Day! You can always celebrate with your friends. They understand you better anyway! Here are some suggestions for spending Valentine’s Day 2020 here in the City by the Bay!   The Great San Francisco Pillow Fight A yearly event that takes place in Herman Plaza in front of the Ferry Building. Buy a new pillow for the fight from Target or Ross. It should not cost you more than $10. Be ready in the Plaza at 5:50 PM. When the clock strikes 6:00 PM the fun starts. Remember that this event is not supervised. So you might want to be careful where and who to hit! Romantic Cruise Hornblower Cruises offer cruises around the San Francisco Bay throughout the year. They also offer a romantic one for Valentine’s Night. The tour is typically three hours. There’s a dance floor with a DJ inside. There will be a full bar and small bites. The company offers day or night cruises. We suggest you catch the sunset cruise. It’s always the best view from the ocean. Romantic Hotel There are many hotels in San Francisco that are cozy and very romantic. You can spend the night there away from the hectic life o San Francisco. Many of these hotels serve a small number of guests. They were built in the Victorian eras and offer bed and breakfast type of rooms. San Francisco Tour San Francisco is famous for its unique and full-of-history neighborhoods. Each of them has a distinct identity. It is why we love the tours! There are so much to see. Tours can last up to 4 hours! You can choose to tour on a bus or on foot. They also have … Read more