Meet Faiza, our new intern from France!

EC San Francisco has recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new intern, Faiza Louali, from France. Faiza will be with us for 3 months. Since her arrival, Faiza has explored SF with students! She is trying to understand the difference between each program and courses, such as EC San Francisco ESL Courses and activities. As she is also in charge of our social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, she uploads lots of pictures which describe what happens in EC San Francisco. We are very happy to have her on our team. Here are a few words from Faiza:   Hi! I’m Faiza Louali and I’m from France. I’m doing a three-month internship at EC San Francisco, which is part of my studies. I’m currently doing my third year of University in management and marketing in Valence, France. On September, I will start a Master Degree in Marketing, and I want to specialize in Digital Marketing. Here at EC I will do mostly marketing tasks, but I will also help Ryan, Amanda and all the staff to welcome new students, and help with the general functioning of the school. Before this internship, I have already worked in a school in France as a paraprofessional educator for 8 months. My tasks were to supervise students outside the classroom and to do various administrative tasks. I also did an internship two years ago, in an accounting firm. It was very different from what I want to do now but it was a nice experience. I also did various student jobs: cashier, sales administrative assistant, baby sitter etc. I’m so excited to work at EC SF because I think I will learn a lot, and gain knowledge and skills that will be very useful for my career. I’m also looking forward to … Read more

Meet Mayu, our new intern from Japan!

  EC San Francisco has recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new intern, Mayu Okazaki, from Japan.  Mayu will be with us for one year.  Since her arrival, Mayu has hit the ground running, interacting with students, explaining the difference between each program and courses, such as TOEFL courses in San Francisco and even leading activities by herself.  We are very happy to have her on our team.  Here are a few words from Mayu : “Hi, I’m Mayu Okazaki from Japan. My hobbies are running, hiking and eating. I graduated from Tohoku University in Japan. My major was geophysics, mainly focusing on oceanography and meteorology. I also got a teaching certificate when I finished the university. I used to work for an elementary school, a private school and a university to help some students as a part time job when I was a master student. I was getting interested in working in education field during this time. I have worked at Tama University as an office assistant for 2 years. Before that I used to work at Japanese IT company as a Systems Engineer. My life is so diverse so far. I wanna support exchange students at another university in Japan using English and understanding various cultures and student’s feelings. In order to get a job like in what I want to do, I really wanted to know about working abroad in education field and feelings of exchange students who stay abroad and also learn to speak English more. So, I came here to work as an intern!! I couldn’t choose the city to work but I think San Francisco invited me!! I really look forward to learning and I also want to try doing everything I can.”

Center Director Ryan on his first 18 months at the EC English School in San Francisco

  As another year reaches its final days, many of us start looking back at the year that has passed all the events that took place. During the summer the Center Director at the EC English school in San Francisco was asked to share some thoughts on his first 18 months on the job.  Here is what he had to say:   On December 31, 2014, I accepted the offer to become the next Center Director for EC San Francisco.  Leaving Los Angeles, and returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, was truly like having a dream come true.  Family and friends are here, I went to nearby UC Berkeley, turned 21 here, and my wife was pregnant with our first son.  For me, this is home, and I love sharing this place with international students. Coming to EC San Francisco was exciting because of the amazing facility and great location.  I also loved the team—extraordinary people with wonderful hearts.  I was not the only new part of EC in 2015, last year brought many changes to the company as its North American operations started to mature.  EC San Francisco was turning five years old, and we worked hard on raising academic standards, restructuring teams and operations, and trying to come together as a new team to really deliver great service to our students.  It was a busy year for me as I learned how EC worked and also provided an outsider perspective on making operations better for staff and students.  I also love student interaction and enjoyed establishing bbq and sports activities with students on a regular basis.  It was a turnaround year for our center from a student satisfaction perspective and 2015 laid the groundwork for some of the bigger accomplishments in 2016. With 2016, we saw the integration … Read more

Student Ambassadors’ Exclusive Interview with ECSF Center Director, Ryan Hisamoto

Ryan Hisamoto, EC San Francisco’s new center director, joins the Student Ambassadors during their weekly meeting. Ryan shares his vision for the school and answers some questions from the student ambassadors. Here’s a chance to read the exclusive interview. Fehime’s Questions What experience do you have managing? I have managed the Kaplan San Francisco school, Kaplan LA-Westwood school, and Kaplan LA-Whittier College school. Together, there’s about five years of managing schools. Before that, I managed Housing and Activities for Kaplan Berkeley. I feel very comfortable as a manager and very much enjoy working with people and students.     What has been your biggest professional achievement? Kaplan LA-Whittier College carried #1 survey results in the country for our company. We ran the happiest center in North America out of 23 schools—I was very proud of that.     What do you want to change in EC SF ? It’s not so much that I want to “change” things. I do feel like there’s a lot of good practices and people here. But I’m open to trying new things to make the student experience better. That starts with listening and interacting more with students. I’ll always keep my door open to all of you. I will tell you that I’m very committed to seeing this center be a special place for students and we’ll always continue to push ourselves to make things better. I think you’ll notice lots of little changes—you can probably assume I was somewhat involved. I’ll say in a few weeks, I think graduation will be a lot of fun.     Have you ever been an English teacher? For how many years? I was an English Teacher in China for one year and in the U.S. (high school) for one year. Elvira’s Questions Have you ever lived … Read more

Meet Craig Carey, New Resident Coordinator

My name is Craig Carey, I am from New Zealand but have been living in San Francisco since 2013. I hold bachelor degrees in English and Philosophy, as well as a certificate in TESOL tutoring. In the past I have worked with a range of organizations in the education sector including professional bodies, students associations and nonprofits. I have travelled to 11 countries, including as an exchange student to Japan. In my free time I like to spend time outdoors hiking, exploring the bay area or relaxing in the park or at the beach. In the evenings I like to see films and live music. I also like to take part in local community events and organizations. I started work at EC San Francisco at the beginning of February and have spent the month settling into my new role. The best thing about EC is that everybody who works and studies here is part of a global community. I love working with students and seeing them progress and gain more confidence in their English. I also enjoy working with likeminded host families who enjoy sharing their cultures and learning from their students. My advice to students is to make the most of the time you have in San Francisco. See the city, explore and talk to locals. There are many amazing things to experience. My favorite thing about San Francisco is the network of parks. Look on a map and see how there are small parks everywhere at the top of hills and in hidden corners of neighborhoods. They often have the best views and unexpected surprises. ​  

Meet the EC SF Staff: Florent, our Residence Coordinator

Meet Florent, the Residence and Student Services Coordinator here at EC San Francisco! Florent joined the EC SF team in April, and is in charge of coordinating student stays at the Monastery Student Residence and several other student residence facilities around San Francisco. Florent brings to his position a passion for creating learning and cultural experiences for students, as he believes that attending EC SF should be more than just taking English courses in the USA, but a potentially transformative life experience as well. As someone who has studied and worked in different places all over the world, he is particularly invested in EC’s commitment to helping students succeed in a global community. One way he has done this is by leading the group for EC SF Working Professionals, a place for adult students to connect and support their learning of English for professional use. Here are a few questions we asked Florent to get to know a little bit more about him and his position at EC SF. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born and raised in Aix en Provence in the South of France. I moved then to Toulouse, in the South West, to pursue a Master degree in Management. From the first year on, I got involved in a newly created student organization dedicated to welcoming international students to our school, similar to the Ambassador Program we have here at EC. This was an amazing experience, both personally and professionally. During the program, I got the chance to be an international student myself during a semester abroad in Victoria, BC, Canada. I also interned in Oxford in the UK, Valparaiso in Chile and now in San Francisco. Students can certainly ask me about culture shock, because I experienced it many times too! I learned a lot about myself through all of these experiences, although it … Read more

Meet the EC SF Staff: Ashley, our Student Services Manager

This week EC San Francisco welcomed back Student Services Manager Ashley, who has been on maternity leave since April. Ashley’s job is to oversee the Accommodations and Student Services functions of the school, looking for ways to constantly improve the experiences for EC SF students. She has many years of experience in international and English language education, and we are very excited to have her back! Ashley, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m happy to be back at EC SF after having been away for six months on maternity leave. In May, my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. She is full of smiles and bring so much joy to our family. I’m native to California but have spent many years living on the East Coast and abroad. I love talking to students about the United States. I am a firm believer that travel is equally as important to your education as being in a classroom. Travel and education are my passions. Before completing my Masters in International Education, I taught and/or traveled to 17 countries. Some of the most memorable were England, Belize and Malawi. How long have you been working at EC? Four years. What is the best thing about your position at EC? The best part of my position at EC SF are all the amazingly diverse, well-traveled and interesting  people I get to share my days with. From the staff to the students, I am perpetually broadening my understanding and appreciation for the world. What is your favorite/most memorable experience abroad? My favorite experience abroad was the summer I spent three weeks island hopping through Greece. Rarely did I sleep in a bed. Most of the time I slept on beaches, boats and tree houses. … Find out more about the EC SF, an English language school in … Read more

Meet the EC SF Staff: Marin, our Academic Year (AY) Coordinator

Meet Marin, the new English Language Academic Year (AY) Coordinator here at EC SF, an English language center in San Francisco! For those who don’t know, the English Language Academic Year program is for students who study at EC for 24 weeks (approximately six months) or longer, which gives students the opportunity to really focus on learning English in a comprehensive manner. Academic Year is highly encouraged for students with an academic focus, whether planning to take the TOEFL or Cambridge tests, wanting to get ready to attend an American university, or need to be fluent in English for their job or career. Academic Year students receive extra support in their learning, including the opportunity to attend lectures, meet with a tutor, and receive a certificate at the end of their program. As well as taking on some teaching duties, Marin’s job is to make sure all of this runs smoothly! … Here are a few questions we asked Marin to help us get to know her and learn a little bit about what she likes about her job. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. I’ve been working in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) since 2004, first in Russia, then the USA. The Bay Area is my home, and I’m happy to be back! My favorite things to teach in an English course are conditionals, idioms, and pronunciation. How long have you been working at EC SF? Just over two months. I started in the middle of July 2014. What is the best thing about your position? I like being able to talk to the students one-on-one and see how much better their English gets during their stay here. What is your favorite or most memorable experience abroad? In 2007, I spent the summer travelling across Siberia. It was a great trip in general, but I … Read more

An update from Laura, the best intern an English school could have!

For four months, every person that walked in the front doors at EC San Francisco was greeted by Laura, our amazing summer intern. Laura was here for an internship for her university located in Grenoble, France. She did an amazing job running the front desk, making sure everything ran smoothly at all times and always managing to do so with a smile. She also had the ability to finding the humor in even the most stressful situations.  All English schools should be so lucky as to have an intern like Laura: EC SF hasn’t been the same since she left us at the end of August, and we miss her very, very much! … Now that Laura has been back home in France for several weeks, we asked for an update on how she is doing, and to share what she most enjoyed about her EC experience, and if she experienced any culture shock upon returning back to France. Tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Laura. I am a French student, and I am doing a Masters [degree] in Supply Chain Management. I live in Grenoble with a lovely-useless-fat-lazy cat. I have grown up with three amazing brothers. I am really curious in my everyday life, and I am passionate about discovering new culture and people. What was your position at EC San Francisco? And how long were you here for? I was an Intern. I was Student Services Counselor at the Front Desk, and I was there for 4 wonderful months. What is your favorite memory of EC San Francisco? I have so many good memories at EC SF that it is very hard for me to chose one. I would say maybe Monday mornings. I remember that everyone came with a big smile and a huge motivation, no matter how many new … Read more

Meet the EC SF Staff: Elisa, our new Academic Director

Meet Elisa, our new Academic Director here at EC San Francisco, and the newest member of the EC SF team! She has previously worked at EC Miami, and brings both extensive experience in ESL education to her position and the benefit taking English courses in America can have for students. Elisa, please tell us a little bit about yourself. I have taught English for about 10 years, in Chile, New York City and Miami and became a certified CELTA teacher in 2005 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I have been an Academic Director for four years now and just moved to San Francisco from Miami, Florida! I love that ESL brings people from all over the world together under the same common goal and I love being a part of that process. As a native of Los Angeles and having moved around plenty since then, I am thrilled by the English teaching/learning opportunities that San Francisco has to offer. I enjoy the international flare that big cities offer and especially enjoy the experience of introducing the highlights of these cities with newcomers. My goal is for students to feel welcomed and guided and hope that as they participate in the fun and craziness that San Francisco offers, they pick up a little English too! How long have you been working at EC? I was the Academic Director at EC Miami for 2.5 years. What is the best thing about your position at EC?  I get to work all kinds of people (teachers and students alike!) who have pretty cool and interesting backgrounds. What is your favorite/most memorable experience abroad?  Trekking in Patagonia in South America– you’re at the bottom of the world, very far removed from everything and the landscape there is unreal. What is your favorite thing about San Francisco?  I don’t know … Read more