EC San Francisco Student Ambassador Catalina Hernández Jaramillo Reflects on the 4th of July!

          4th of July Independence Day   BBQ or POTLUCK??     That’s the question!!! This a special date for American people! When this day was coming, I was thinking about  a big Hot Dog (San Francisco Corn Dog), Big burger and some beers, these were the perfect foods for this d … Read more

EC San Francisco Students Enjoy ‘Nightlife’ at the California Academy of Sciences-by Student Ambassador Misa Komine

    On the 15th of August, 2013, some EC students and I went to the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife event, which is one of the most famous places in San Francisco. There is an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, a rain forest, and so on. Usually it closes at 5:00 pm … Read more

EC San Francisco Students visit the Aquarium by the Bay – written by Qi Hao – EC Student Ambassador

  I went to Aquarium of the Bay with some EC students last weekend! The aquarium is located at Fishman’s wharf, one of the most popular destinations. However, since it’s hided in the shadow of “City’s Walkable Waterfront”, I didn’t even notice it’s there until this time! When we got inside the … Read more

San Francisco’s Chinatown….A great place to Learn English in San Francisco

Chinatown is packed with interesting stores, markets, restaurants, tiny parks and lots and lots of color!  Our teacher Drew took a group of students to Chinatown and toured the back alleys, the Buddhist temple, and of course the fortune cookie factory….yes Chinese fortune cookies were invented … Read more