Learn English Through Sports

As Superbowl Sunday approaches, EC San Francisco’s social calendar is full of sports-related activities for students. Playing sports is an excellent way to learn English with friends. Whether you’re interested in indoor sports, such as bowling or yoga, or sports that you can play outdoors, there are plenty of fun-filled activities coming up. Are you … Read more

Student Ambassador Yohko Kayahara Explores Free Yoga in San Francisco!

  The other day, I went to an AY lecture about Yoga by Laura and learned that there are a lot of yoga studios in SF. When you hear the word “yoga”, what comes to your mind? I think although most people think yoga is difficult, yoga is simple and easy. Of course, some poses … Read more

Student Ambassador Chulkyun Jeon Reflects on College Football at UC Berkeley! GOOO BEARS!

  I went to the UC Berkeley football game with my classmate to watch an NCAA football game with the California Golden Bears versus the Portland State Vikings last Saturday. I have never seen a football game, not even through broadcasting. It is not a famous sport in my country, Korea. However, I wanted to … Read more