Student Ambassadors’ Exclusive Interview with ECSF Center Director, Ryan Hisamoto

Ryan Hisamoto, EC San Francisco’s new center director, joins the Student Ambassadors during their weekly meeting. Ryan shares his vision for the school and answers some questions from the student ambassadors. Here’s a chance to read the exclusive interview. Fehime’s Questions What … Read more

Peace out, Misa!

  It was another incredible week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many wonderful, long time, and not so long time students. While there are too many to name in this blog, I will make a very special shout out to Misa, a great member of our school who has become an integral part of our … Read more

Prince Charles – ECSF’s teaching royalty

He’s statuesque by nature (really, really tall), but don’t ask him if he plays basketball. Charles is effortlessly poetic. He’s well read, witty, and he can eat burrito in a minute. Charles is one of EC San Francisco’s great teachers. How do I know? Well, the other day I was looking for inspiration. … Read more

Farewell Seiya!

Hi ECSF students and readers, Today it is with great sadness that ECSF must once again say goodbye to another great intern and team member, Seiya. Seiya has been a phenomenal part of ECSF this summer and has put more effort and dedication into her work than any of us at EC could have imagined. While … Read more