Miho from Japan

Miho from Japan: “I had wonderful memories with all my friends”

  Miho, a student from Japan, was looking for a place to continue to study English and she ended up opting for EC’s ESL School in San Francisco. She studied at EC for four and half months after other school in San Francisco, where she improved her English and met people from all around the world. Here is what Miho had to say:   I often came to San Francisco to travel and stayed here for a few weeks because I wanted to improve my English skill, but it was not enough to learn English. I wanted to experience the local lifestyle during studying English in the USA. After that, I quit my job and I came here to improve more my English. I have stayed in San Francisco for one year and two months that was one of my dreams. San Francisco is an amazing city because there are many different cultural things in urban areas. On the other hand, if buses run in a few minutes, there are such beautiful parks and beaches. I went to the Baker Beach and then I took a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge that was a magnificent view!! I lived in the East Bay with my friend. Her husband is a native speaker. They always invited me to join a public holiday event of the USA with their family. I joined Trick-or-Treat of Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and fireworks for 4th of July that were such great experiences for knowing various cultures of the USA. The atmosphere of the East Bay and the Bay Area including San Francisco is also different from my country, so I really enjoyed both of the areas. In addition, EC San Francisco is an amazing school because there are many wonderful teachers and staff. They … Read more


Yinny from Colombia: ”The best experience of my entire life”

  Yinny, a student from Colombia, stayed at EC San Francisco for about 4 months to take English courses in San Francisco. She loves San Francisco and explored lots of places with her friends from different countries whom she met here. In addition, she participated in EC San Francisco’s activities as much as she could. This experience was unforgettable for her! Here are some comments from Yinny:   I studied at EC San Francisco for almost 4 months. Studying at EC San Francisco has been the best experience of my entire life, I met a lot of people from different countries and participated in many activities in the school. I can describe my experience here absolutely amazing and unforgettable. Thanks to my teachers I was able to improve my English. At EC San Francisco school, I improved my vocabulary, my listening, writing and speaking skills. I learned a lot and today I can communicate in English with more confidence that before. If you have the opportunity to live this experience, I will recommend studying at EC school. San Francisco is a beautiful city with a lot to do, EC San Francisco is located in an excellent place in downtown with a team of experienced and teachers dedicated to helping you perfect your English. EC San Francisco has many activities daily outside and on campus that will allow you to enjoy your stay while you learn English and make new friends. Thank you so much to my teachers, my new friends from Japan, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, to Ryan and all Staff of EC. I will miss everything in San Francisco!!!


Linda from Switzerland: ”I had an amazing time at EC San Francisco”

Linda, a student from Switzerland, was looking for a place to study English and she ended up opting for EC San Francisco English Centre. She studied at EC for 8 weeks, where she improved her English and met people from all around the world. Here is what Linda had to say: ”When I decided to go abroad to improve my English, it was clear for me to visit the U.S. When I saw movies or pictures, I was always impressed about the amazing nature and the awesome cities and wanted to see this country. I chose San Francisco, because I like the multicultural atmosphere just as the nature, which is pretty close to San Francisco. EC school was recommended to me and I’m really happy that I ended up here. The school is situated in the middle of the city and all places of interest are in a walk-able distance. I really enjoyed the familiar atmosphere in school. The school system is very good. Everyone can benefit from class and the students have the opportunity to help shape the lessons. Also a big plus were the free classes and school activities. The activities are great and diversified, so everyone can find something they are interested in. ”It was an amazing experience” I joined a lot of activities. One of my highlights was the BBQ party in the Golden Gate Park, organized by Director Ryan. Another school activity that I like to remember is the excursion to Land’s End. This place is near by the city, but at the same time it feels like you are surrounded by nature. On our one-hour hiking trip we even saw whales and seals. Participating in the activities is a good possibility to meet new people from school, who are in other classes. Thanks to my wonderful teachers … Read more


Chenghan from Taiwan: “I improved my speaking a lot!”

  Chenghan, a student from Taiwan, stayed at EC San Francisco for 2 months. In addition to the English courses in San Francisco that he took, Chenghan met a lot of people from different countries and participated every week in EC San Francisco’s activities. This experience was unforgettable for him! Here are some comments from Chenghan:   Why did you choose EC San Francisco? I chose EC San Francisco for my journey because of the location, staff and the outdoor activity. The location is perfect! Super convenient, easy to reach! The staff here is so friendly, always welcomes you with a big warm smile!   What was your favorite EC activity?  The outdoor activities let me meet more students here, and we can travel together, it was so fun! And the teacher who held the activity are always enthusiastic, they tell you about the history here, the best views in town…. You don’t want to miss it!   How much did you improve? I improved my speaking a lot! I was struggling to speak English before, but after studying here, I speak more fluently than before, because the teachers here are so patient and they encourage you to speak more!    Would you recommend EC to a friend? I will recommend EC to all people who are looking for a place to studying English of course!  


Isabel from Venezuela: “It is the experience of a lifetime!”

  Isabel from Venezuela was looking for a place to study English and she ended up opting for ESL Courses at EC San Francisco. She studied at EC for 12 weeks, where she took a general English course. In addition to this, Isabel participated in a lot of activities organised by the school and she got to meet people from all around the world and to have amazing experiences. Here is what Isabel had to say: What did you like the most about the social leaders? I completely loved how welcoming the whole staff was, they’re always looking forward to help you and improve anything that might need an upgrade. Also the student ambassadors were really friendly to everyone since day one. Which in my opinion is really important especially in the first couple of days when you don’t have any friends yet, they’ll make you feel as if you were at home away from home. What will you remember from your stay? The whole San Francisco/EC experience was wonderful, especially the fact that you’ll get to talk with non-native speakers from all over the world, so you just don’t improve your English but you’ll learn a lot about their cultures and countries. The classes are really entertaining, the teachers always choose interesting topics to discuss and might even take you for a walk during the class for you to learn even more about the city. And since the classes are not really big every student gets a chance to participate and to converse. Also, the Bay Area is an amazing place to live and hang out with friends, you can pretty much do any activity here. I don’t know what it is, but EC has the most awesome people in the world. I’m so glad that I got to meet all my … Read more


Mari from Japan: “You will like San Francisco for sure!”

  Mari, a student from Japan, has been with us at EC San Francisco for 10 months. She was taking an Intensive course at EC San Francisco and finally graduated EC San Francisco. In addition to this, she was one of the student ambassadors and organized lots of activities for all students at EC San Francisco. She was supposed to move to other cities, but she decided not to do it. She has stayed in San Francisco to study English with her wonderful friends until the end of her study at EC San Francisco. Here are some comments from Mari: EC is the best school I’ve ever been to! The staff is kind and friendly and the teachers helped me a lot and it’s pretty easy to understand what they teach. In addition, the students who are from different countries are great!! You can make many friends, who are from different cultures. I really enjoyed every time in SF because of the guys and EC! I felt cozy when I was in San Francisco. I really love the atmosphere, the food, San Francisco and, etc. I bet you won’t regret studying English at EC San Francisco. EC has plenty of different activities, which are organized by student ambassadors. I used to be a student ambassador so I organized many activities which made the students enjoy their after school life. If you want to make unique activities, you should be a student ambassador. In the end, I highly recommend going and studying in EC. If I can, I really want to go back to San Francisco! I could create many memories which I will never forget.   Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Business English Courses in San Francisco!

Ludovic from France: “keep your attendance up!”

  Ludovic is a student from France that had previously studied here at EC San Francisco and lived at the Monastery Residence.  Ludo initially thought to take Intensive English Courses in San Francisco  but then decided to enjoy some free time so he did a general program.  Here are some comments Ludovic had on coming back to San Francisco:   It has been very good coming back to EC and to San Francisco.  I have had a really good time.  I could improve my English and I went up one level since my first time at EC.  I also finally got my certificate.  Keep your attendance up so you can also graduate and get your certificate.  It was interesting to see the different things and the things that changed.  I liked seeing old teachers from before and also seeing new faces.  In the future, If I am able to, it is for sure that I will come back to EC San Francisco.

Jordi from The Netherlands: “Try new things!”

  Jordi from the Netherlands was looking for a place to study English and he ended up opting for Intensive English Courses in San Francisco choosing EC as his school. In addition to this, he chose to stay at the Monastery residence where he had the opportunity to practice English with other students and also help them if they had questions.  Why did you choose to study at EC San Francisco? To be honest, I just picked from the available cities, especially because I had learned a lot about San Francisco but had never been here. What was your favorite thing about EC San Francisco? I liked my teachers and my classes and also the friends I made. What is your favorite memory of San Francisco? I liked the BBQ nights on the rooftop of the Monastery the most.  No pressure, just socializing with other students while enjoying food and drinks. What advice would you give to a new student studying at EC San Francisco ? Go out and try new things.  If you stay in your comfort zone, you will miss out on many special and cool experiences!    

Foued from France: “All is possible!”

  Foued, a student from France was with us at EC San Francisco for 6 months. Instead of taking Intensive English Courses in San Francisco, Foued decided to try a Semi-Intensive schedule. In addition to this, he often went to free classes and he was often seen studying at the Monastery residence. On his first day, Foued tested into Elementary. After taking his Exit Test, Foued learned that his level was now Advanced. What a feat! Congratulations Foued, we are so proud of you!  Here are some comments from Foued: Why did you choose to study at EC San Francisco? I chose EC because San Francisco is the IT capital of the world and I chose EC because a friend of mine studied at EC and he recommended it. What was your favorite thing about EC San Francisco? I enjoyed the environment here and all the people that I met. What is your favorite memory of San Francisco? My favorite memory is the BBW we had at Baker Beach.  That was so much fun! What advice would you give to a new student studying at EC San Francisco ? Don’t come to the USA if you are under 21 years old, you will not be able to drink!  Just kidding.  Study and do your homework so that you can go as far as you can.  All is possible!

Julian Hégé is Learning English at EC San Francisco

Julian from France: “This city is filled with surprises”

Recently, some of the students who were part of a special group that was here from Strasbourg, France took the time to share some thoughts on their experience.  They were required to go abroad as part of their business program at the EM Strasbourg Business School and in this case, this requirement brought them here for English Courses in San Francisco. Here is what Julian had to say: “Ever since we got here, I feel like a child seeing the world for the first time. This city is filled with surprises and places to go and I am more than satisfied of what I saw and experienced here. I knew that when I’d go back to France I’d be more mature and open to the world, but I would’ve never thought it would be that much.  What we experienced here was literally a dream: I’ve always wanted to study in the US, no matter how long, I just wanted to do it and be able to tell people that I “know” what it’s like.  Now that we are reaching the end of our stay, I am more than pleased to say that we enjoyed every single minute here. I’m glad that I worked hard to get into our business school in Strasbourg, because this international experience wouldn’t have been the same without the people that I came along with.  I strengthened some friendships and got to know other students at the same time.  This trip also made me think of what I want to do with my life and how I can get there. Besides, the courses and the atmosphere at EC were very enriching and I am proud to say that I improved my English skills a lot.  I hope I’ll be able to come back here and relive my memories.”