ESL storyboard activities

ESL Storyboard Activities for Writing: Marc’s Story

Using ESL storyboard activities, such as the free website software from, can help students visualize and create their stories. Storyboards are especially helpful in writing using sequential transition signal words and increasing descriptive adjectives. Using storyboards in the classroom will help motivate students to write their best story yet. Everyone in the park stopped … Read more

Pronunciation help suggestion from EC San Francisco

At EC San Francisco, we work to help students develop all aspects of their understanding of English, so that they can fully participate in the World English community.  Naturally this includes Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, etc., but for effective communication, pronunciation must be an ongoing aspect of Speaking.  If you know the words, but don’t … Read more

How to meet Americans in San Francisco- Tips by Student Ambassador Misa Komine

    How to Meet Native English Speakers Hi everyone! This is Misa, one of your classmates and Student Ambassadors at EC San Francisco. I’ve been staying in San Francisco for 7 months now. I want to ask you some questions. Are you really satisfied with your ordinary life? Does anybody look for beginning something new? One … Read more

Writing development, from your friends at EC San Francisco

Writing is considered to be the toughest of the four major language skills.  In many cultures, there is relatively little expectation that people will ever do much original writing, and the expectation for students to write is limited.  However, in the US, writing is one of the primary ways that students are expected to demonstrate … Read more

Developing Your Reading

Of the four primary language skill areas, reading is the most demanding.  In fact, it is so demanding that many people never become proficient readers in their first language.  If you don’t like to read, you don’t read, which means you don’t get better.  It’s one of the big problems in American education, and the … Read more