Miho from Japan

Miho from Japan: “I had wonderful memories with all my friends”

  Miho, a student from Japan, was looking for a place to continue to study English and she ended up opting for EC’s ESL School in San Francisco. She studied at EC for four and half months after other school in San Francisco, where she improved her English and met people from all around the world. Here is what Miho had to say:   I often came to San Francisco to travel and stayed here for a few weeks because I wanted to improve my English skill, but it was not enough to learn English. I wanted to experience the local lifestyle during studying English in the USA. After that, I quit my job and I came here to improve more my English. I have stayed in San Francisco for one year and two months that was one of my dreams. San Francisco is an amazing city because there are many different cultural things in urban areas. On the other hand, if buses run in a few minutes, there are such beautiful parks and beaches. I went to the Baker Beach and then I took a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge that was a magnificent view!! I lived in the East Bay with my friend. Her husband is a native speaker. They always invited me to join a public holiday event of the USA with their family. I joined Trick-or-Treat of Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and fireworks for 4th of July that were such great experiences for knowing various cultures of the USA. The atmosphere of the East Bay and the Bay Area including San Francisco is also different from my country, so I really enjoyed both of the areas. In addition, EC San Francisco is an amazing school because there are many wonderful teachers and staff. They … Read more

Decorate Cakes

The Special Activity in The Class “Decorate Cakes”

  The morning classes are normally inside the classroom, but our teachers sometimes take students to explore the city or invite locals to do various activities together. The teacher, Gregory, invited a chef named Alan, who works for the Mission Beach Café, to the class. The students were taught how to decorate cakes and then did it by themselves. Chef Alan brought different kinds of fillings and decorations for the cakes, and all of the students tasted all of the fillings and decided which filling was their favorite one.     Next, the students were divided into six teams to compete against each other. All of the cakes that the students made looked amazing and like each personality; it was so hard to judge which cake was the best. The day of the activity was Friday, so we shared the cakes during the graduation ceremony with all our students.     In conclusion, our English classes in San Francisco are very unique because all of our teachers offer students practical ways to use English in the classroom. One of the examples is the above activity. If you are interested in studying English in San Francisco, we offer many courses including Business English Courses in San Francisco! Check out our courses in San Francisco!