BBQ at the Golden Gate Park

Our Summer … SO FAR!

We cheered for the A’s Teacher Ricky and Anna took us to an A’s game. Oakland Athletics are another SF Bay Area Baseball team. People in San Francisco either cheer for the Giants or the A’s. They’re rivalry teams. Our school director Ryan supports the Giants, while Ricky and … Read more

Tehama Luxury Apartment

EXCITING NEWS HERE! We are happy to announce that EC San Francisco is offering students a direct housing / accommodation option. We are offering a 5 bedroom, 3 bathrooms apartment. It has a great spacious common area. We carefully selected modern furnishing in all the rooms. You will be living with … Read more

Meet Our Teacher Linda Carlson

  Hello, new students! This is Serena, your favorite student Ambassador of the month of May. I interviewed our lovely teacher Linda, asked her some questions, and enjoyed a nice small talk with her. She told me all about being a teacher. First of all, she is currently teaching pre advanced stud … Read more

Meet Our New Student Ambassadors!

Here at EC San Francisco, we’re always looking for energetic students. We seek fun and flamboyant souls who could push others forward. We recently recruited two awesome people. They are both from the great country Switzerland. Here’s a little bit about Alex and Joan:   Alex Della To … Read more

free classes

FREE Classes!

Here at EC San Francisco, we offer our students three free classes every week. Students can attend these classes without having to pay. Each class is one hour long. They’re led by one of our qualified teachers. Also, the classes are multi-level, so that students from all levels can learn from … Read more

Highlight of June

Summer has already started in San Francisco with our Monday’s weather! It is reaching over 80 degrees here. Whew! With June comes a lot of fun activities in our calendar at EC. Here are the events we are highlighting for you. Don’t forget to sign up with Anna and Amanda at the front desk … Read more


Meet Our New Student Ambassadors!

During May’s graduations we have said goodbye to many of our great student Ambassadors. They completed their courses and we wish them the best of luck in their new adventures. However, we have recruited two new student ambassadors. They are Glaucia, Mao, Rafael & Serena.   Glaucia Rod … Read more

May Secret Activities! Hush Hush!

Hello EC San Francisco! Before we tell you our secrets in May, we want to tell you that our May Calendar is out. Go to the front desk heroes and ask for your copy! May is FULL of fun activities. Now let us tell you about some off-calendar events that you and your friends can explore:   1. SF Ci … Read more