Highlight of June

Summer has already started in San Francisco with our Monday’s weather! It is reaching over 80 degrees here. Whew! With June comes a lot of fun activities in our calendar at EC. Here are the events we are highlighting for you. Don’t forget to sign up with Anna and Amanda at the front desk … Read more


Meet Our New Student Ambassadors!

During May’s graduations we have said goodbye to many of our great student Ambassadors. They completed their courses and we wish them the best of luck in their new adventures. However, we have recruited two new student ambassadors. They are Glaucia, Mao, Rafael & Serena.   Glaucia Rod … Read more

May Secret Activities! Hush Hush!

Hello EC San Francisco! Before we tell you our secrets in May, we want to tell you that our May Calendar is out. Go to the front desk heroes and ask for your copy! May is FULL of fun activities. Now let us tell you about some off-calendar events that you and your friends can explore:   1. SF Ci … Read more

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Glaucia & Mauricio at Apple Inc. Class

    Glaucia is a Brazilian software engineer, and Mauricio is a Chilean self-employed. They are highly interested in technology, especially Apple’s latest products. They are currently in our pre-intermediate class. Therefor, the tech-savvy Glaucia encouraged Mauricio to sign up for a … Read more

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Reasons to Study English in San Francisco

There are many reasons to study English in San Francisco, it is the city of innovation, diversity and delicious food! Among those reasons, there are many more – and here are some more! Diverse Cultures Students in San Francisco come from around the world. San Francisco is indeed a melting pot. Stude … Read more

Teacher Gifford on San Francisco History

  Everyone knows that Teacher Gifford is Mr. San Francisco.  He knows about everything ranging from the best hike trails to Student Housing in San Francisco.  Just ask him anything about this amazing city and he will give you a great answer!     San Francisco is a city that is constantly r … Read more