Asako’s Adventure in Chinatown!

“The Hood” is a popular after-school activity at EC San Francisco led by Gifford, one of our teachers, and is usually offered every week.  It’s an in-depth class that explains the history of different San Francisco neighborhoods.  Last week, Asako Yamane, one of our dedicated ECers … Read more

Field Trip to Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Learning Outside the Classroom On Thursday, January 17th, Cyndi’s Cadua’s Communication for Business class and Tim Ruiz’s Elementary class took a trip to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) right here in San Francisco.  They listened to a presentation called “Overview … Read more

Business Communications Class at ECSF

Are you interested in business?  If so, our Business Communications class here at EC San Francisco might be the right fit for you!  Cyndi Cadua, our Business Communications teacher, recently took her students to the Wells Fargo History Museum and often has guest speakers, such as Oracle Vice Preside … Read more

Learn More About Community College

Hey, ECers!  Are you interested in attending a community college?  Would you like to know more information about the application process?  If so, be sure to attend tomorrow’s guest lecture.  Mia Scavone from Mira Costa College in San Diego, California, will be coming to ECSF to give a speech a … Read more

Special Guest Speaker Visits ECSF’s Business Communications Class

Oracle Vice President Jeffrey Pease Gives Guest Lecture to Students      On October 4, Oracle Vice President Jeffrey Pease took time out from the company’s annual Oracle OpenWorld conference to speak to EC San Francisco’s Business Communications class on, “What I’ve Learned A … Read more

TOEFL iBT Elective

EC San Francisco has an ongoing TOEFL iBT Elective open to Upper Intermediate and above students. Using the well-known Longman Preparation Courses for the TOEFL® iBT, Second Edition, the course meets 6 lessons (4.5 hours) per week. There are four 4-week cycles. Each cycle covers all four skill areas … Read more