Yinny from Colombia: ”The best experience of my entire life”

  Yinny, a student from Colombia, stayed at EC San Francisco for about 4 months to take English courses in San Francisco. She loves San Francisco and explored lots of places with her friends from different countries whom she met here. In addition, she participated in EC San Francisco’s activities as much as she could. This experience was unforgettable for her! Here are some comments from Yinny:   I studied at EC San Francisco for almost 4 months. Studying at EC San Francisco has been the best experience of my entire life, I met a lot of people from different countries and participated in many activities in the school. I can describe my experience here absolutely amazing and unforgettable. Thanks to my teachers I was able to improve my English. At EC San Francisco school, I improved my vocabulary, my listening, writing and speaking skills. I learned a lot and today I can communicate in English with more confidence that before. If you have the opportunity to live this experience, I will recommend studying at EC school. San Francisco is a beautiful city with a lot to do, EC San Francisco is located in an excellent place in downtown with a team of experienced and teachers dedicated to helping you perfect your English. EC San Francisco has many activities daily outside and on campus that will allow you to enjoy your stay while you learn English and make new friends. Thank you so much to my teachers, my new friends from Japan, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, to Ryan and all Staff of EC. I will miss everything in San Francisco!!!


Goodbye to the Monastery

Today, we will say goodbye to the Monastery. It was EC San Francisco’s residence for over 5 years. During these years, The Monastery welcomed hundreds of students from all around the world. Living there allowed students to meet new people, to spend good times together, and mostly, to practice and improve their English! Usually, Monasterians could gather together in the student lounge to play games, to have dinner, to chat… Or they could meet in the kitchen to cook together, and share their culinary cultures. It was always nice to hang out in the lounge, because you could always meet a friend or people from the school that you do not know, and get to talk with them. The Monastery also had a roof top with amazing views of the Mission neighborhood, Twin Peaks, and the downtown area. EC had a lot of activities there, especially barbecues. It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other and continue to practice their English with each other. One chapter closes, but another one opens As the intern of EC San Francisco, I lived at the Monastery for almost three months. I consider this place like my home away from home, and I think everyone who has lived in this place could say the same. We all made unforgettable memories there that we will always cherish. I am very happy that I lived there and got to spend great times with the Monasterians. One chapter closes, but others immediately open! We are very excited at EC San Francisco to welcome our students to three other residences, The Monroe, The Columbus and Ventaggio Turk. Let’s write new memories together! If you would like to study and have fun in San Francisco, check out our EC San Francisco English Centre!


Chenghan from Taiwan: “I improved my speaking a lot!”

  Chenghan, a student from Taiwan, stayed at EC San Francisco for 2 months. In addition to the English courses in San Francisco that he took, Chenghan met a lot of people from different countries and participated every week in EC San Francisco’s activities. This experience was unforgettable for him! Here are some comments from Chenghan:   Why did you choose EC San Francisco? I chose EC San Francisco for my journey because of the location, staff and the outdoor activity. The location is perfect! Super convenient, easy to reach! The staff here is so friendly, always welcomes you with a big warm smile!   What was your favorite EC activity?  The outdoor activities let me meet more students here, and we can travel together, it was so fun! And the teacher who held the activity are always enthusiastic, they tell you about the history here, the best views in town…. You don’t want to miss it!   How much did you improve? I improved my speaking a lot! I was struggling to speak English before, but after studying here, I speak more fluently than before, because the teachers here are so patient and they encourage you to speak more!    Would you recommend EC to a friend? I will recommend EC to all people who are looking for a place to studying English of course!  


Meet Teacher Kelsey!

There have been several changes in teaching staff lately at EC San Francisco. The school has recently welcomed a new teacher, Kelsey! Here’s a little bit about her. Kelsey Miller has earned a Master’s in Education from Stanford University as well as a CELTA certification from Cambridge University. She is thrilled to be sharing her passion for the English language and language learning with students at EC English. Kelsey has several years of teaching experience and is eager to learn more about teaching English from the many experienced teachers we are lucky to have at EC San Francisco. She recently returned from a six-month trip to Taiwan where she was learning Mandarin in a similar environment to EC. She uses both her education training and her experience as a student to inform her teaching practice. When Kelsey isn’t teaching, she enjoys studying Mandarin, reading linguistics blogs, and hanging out in cafes. We are very happy to have Kelsey on-board at EC San Francisco! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our EC San Francisco ESL Courses!


Isabel from Venezuela: “It is the experience of a lifetime!”

  Isabel from Venezuela was looking for a place to study English and she ended up opting for ESL Courses at EC San Francisco. She studied at EC for 12 weeks, where she took a general English course. In addition to this, Isabel participated in a lot of activities organised by the school and she got to meet people from all around the world and to have amazing experiences. Here is what Isabel had to say: What did you like the most about the social leaders? I completely loved how welcoming the whole staff was, they’re always looking forward to help you and improve anything that might need an upgrade. Also the student ambassadors were really friendly to everyone since day one. Which in my opinion is really important especially in the first couple of days when you don’t have any friends yet, they’ll make you feel as if you were at home away from home. What will you remember from your stay? The whole San Francisco/EC experience was wonderful, especially the fact that you’ll get to talk with non-native speakers from all over the world, so you just don’t improve your English but you’ll learn a lot about their cultures and countries. The classes are really entertaining, the teachers always choose interesting topics to discuss and might even take you for a walk during the class for you to learn even more about the city. And since the classes are not really big every student gets a chance to participate and to converse. Also, the Bay Area is an amazing place to live and hang out with friends, you can pretty much do any activity here. I don’t know what it is, but EC has the most awesome people in the world. I’m so glad that I got to meet all my … Read more


Meet Faiza, our new intern from France!

EC San Francisco has recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new intern, Faiza Louali, from France. Faiza will be with us for 3 months. Since her arrival, Faiza has explored SF with students! She is trying to understand the difference between each program and courses, such as EC San Francisco ESL Courses and activities. As she is also in charge of our social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, she uploads lots of pictures which describe what happens in EC San Francisco. We are very happy to have her on our team. Here are a few words from Faiza:   Hi! I’m Faiza Louali and I’m from France. I’m doing a three-month internship at EC San Francisco, which is part of my studies. I’m currently doing my third year of University in management and marketing in Valence, France. On September, I will start a Master Degree in Marketing, and I want to specialize in Digital Marketing. Here at EC I will do mostly marketing tasks, but I will also help Ryan, Amanda and all the staff to welcome new students, and help with the general functioning of the school. Before this internship, I have already worked in a school in France as a paraprofessional educator for 8 months. My tasks were to supervise students outside the classroom and to do various administrative tasks. I also did an internship two years ago, in an accounting firm. It was very different from what I want to do now but it was a nice experience. I also did various student jobs: cashier, sales administrative assistant, baby sitter etc. I’m so excited to work at EC SF because I think I will learn a lot, and gain knowledge and skills that will be very useful for my career. I’m also looking forward to … Read more


Mari from Japan: “You will like San Francisco for sure!”

  Mari, a student from Japan, has been with us at EC San Francisco for 10 months. She was taking an Intensive course at EC San Francisco and finally graduated EC San Francisco. In addition to this, she was one of the student ambassadors and organized lots of activities for all students at EC San Francisco. She was supposed to move to other cities, but she decided not to do it. She has stayed in San Francisco to study English with her wonderful friends until the end of her study at EC San Francisco. Here are some comments from Mari: EC is the best school I’ve ever been to! The staff is kind and friendly and the teachers helped me a lot and it’s pretty easy to understand what they teach. In addition, the students who are from different countries are great!! You can make many friends, who are from different cultures. I really enjoyed every time in SF because of the guys and EC! I felt cozy when I was in San Francisco. I really love the atmosphere, the food, San Francisco and, etc. I bet you won’t regret studying English at EC San Francisco. EC has plenty of different activities, which are organized by student ambassadors. I used to be a student ambassador so I organized many activities which made the students enjoy their after school life. If you want to make unique activities, you should be a student ambassador. In the end, I highly recommend going and studying in EC. If I can, I really want to go back to San Francisco! I could create many memories which I will never forget.   Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Business English Courses in San Francisco!


Kateryna from Ukraine: “Enjoy San Francisco with your new fiends!”

  Kateryna, a student from Ukraine has been with us at EC San Francisco for 4 months. She is taking an Intensive course at EC San Francisco. She loves to exercise, so she runs and works out after studying. She actively participates in some activities with her friends. She really enjoys San Francisco more in addition to studying! Here are some comments from Kateryna: I have been in EC San Francisco for a long time and I can say that I like this school very much! San Francisco will always have association with EC school for me forever. The staff in EC San Francisco is very nice, funny and friendly. I really love them because they always helped me with anything I ask for. Almost every day after my afternoon classes we have different activities, which are organized very well. The teachers in school are very nice. They always know how to make studies more interesting and also when I have some problems with essays my teachers have shown me some hints on how to improve my writing skills faster and what to pay attention to. We celebrated Halloween, Christmas and New Year together. The staff really do care for students’ life and they pay attention to any problems if students have. The staff makes the atmosphere at school friendly, so that the studying process goes fast! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Intensive English Courses in San Francisco!


Jacky from China: “Try new challenges!”

  Jacky, a student from China has been with us at EC San Francisco for 4 months. He is taking an Intensive course at EC San Francisco. In addition to this, he is one of the student ambassadors and sometimes organizes activities for all students at EC San Francisco. Even though he is 18 years old and one of the youngest students, he doesn’t hesitate to try new challenges with other students! Here are some comments from Jacky: There is no doubt that being a student here is an enjoyable and delightful thing. When I was a freshman at EC. Gregory and Andy, my teachers, have helped me a lot. Because I was new in class, I was shy to answer a question, but when I took their course, I found they were very good at teaching. I was impressed by the relaxed but efficient way of teaching. Everyone in the class learned lot of about English, and we always forgot the time of our little break time. Of course, we wouldn’t lose a minute of our break time. They would make it up for us. Sometimes we were bad in grammar and they corrected us hundreds of times. I admit my spoken English is poor because I usually ignore third person singular. For example, she likes I will say she like, and after saying that Gregory will shake his head, which means I need to correct my sentence. If I make the same mistake the next time, he will say “Jacky, S.” with a funny voice. To be honest, he is my best teacher that I have ever known not only because of his unique style of teaching but also because of his patience and erudition. EC has many interesting activities including entertainment, education, and sport. For me, I’m … Read more


Meet Teacher Shin-Shin!

  In recent months, there have been several changes in teaching staff here at EC San Francisco. One of our new additions is Teacher Shin-Shin. Here’s a little bit about her: Shin-Shin holds the internationally recognized CELTA qualification and has recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after four years of teaching abroad in regions such as Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Shin-Shin’s area of specialization is Business English, and she has extensive experience teaching at corporate offices assisting professionals reach their language goals. Her approach towards teaching is open, communicative, and supportive, and she is excited to be the newest member of the EC San Francisco team. When Shin-Shin isn’t working, she can be found at art museums, attending food and social justice events, or hiking. We are so happy to have Shin-Shin on-board and can’t wait to get her on more classes once the new year season hits! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Intensive English Courses in San Francisco!