Genie’s Testimonial: “Being a student ambassador helped me practice English”

  Hye Gin, who everyone knows as Genie, is a Korean student who recently completed taking Academic Year courses at EC San Francisco, studying for 12 weeks in total. As well as her English courses, Genie also was a student ambassador at EC SF, a program when students take on a role of planning activities and being a resource for other students. Genie was well liked by both her peers as well as the teachers and staff at EC SF, and we miss her very, very much! Before she left to return to Korea, Genie took a few minutes to fill out a student testimonial to discuss experience at EC San Francisco. Here is what she had to say: Why did you choose to study at EC San Francisco? I was looking for a school to practice my speaking skills, and my agency said that EC focuses on speaking. What was your favorite thing about EC San Francisco? Being a student ambassador. It really helped me practice my English with many students, and it improved my speaking skills. What is your favorite memory of San Francisco? Spending time with my international friends is my favorite memory of SF. SF is a beautiful city itself, however, it is the most beautiful city every when you get to experience it with your best friends. What advice would you give to a new student learning English at EC SF? I’d just want to say to hang out as much as you can. 🙂 It helped me a lot! Best of luck to you, Genie, as you return home and continue your English studies!   … Learn more about taking an ESOL Test in San Francisco!

Study English in the USA and Achieve Academic Success Like Arthur!

Why study English in the USA? There are many benefits to studying English in an American city like San Francisco, but one major reason is that studying in an English-language area allows you to use English in “real world” settings, which in turn can help increase the likelihood of academic success! This is demonstrated by an email EC San Francisco teacher Drew received from Arthur, one of his former students. Arthur is a French student who took General English for three weeks this last summer. We thank Arthur for agreeing to let us share his experiences with all of you. In his email Arthur talks about how his English improved because he chose to take English courses over the summer, the quality of the teachers at EC San Francisco, as well as the good memories that he made and why he misses San Francisco: This is Arthur one of your French former students. I was at EC SF last summer. I just wanted to take some news, to see how you are doing. I heard the Giants has won against Washington DC during one of the longest game ever !  You told me before I was leaving that you were going to Europe in August, I hope it was great. I miss California, especially the people there and the atmosphere of San Francisco. Today during an oral exam in English a teacher notice that my accent was better than last year. No doubt it is thanks to you. Your lessons was great! Anyway I’m looking forward to hearing  from you ! Arthur Congratulations on your exams, Arthur, and we’re so glad to hear that you have such good memories of your time here in San Francisco! Keep up the good work, and keep practicing your English.  … Study English in San Francisco and achieve academic success just like Arthur!

Learning at EC SF is more than just English courses!

Several weeks ago Kaiser started as Residence Advisor at the Monastery, EC San Francisco’s student residence. As well as helping with student requests and taking care of building issues (and working at the front desk of the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays), a major part of Kaiser’s position is to ensure that students who stay at the Monastery have a memorable experience during their time in San Francisco. Because as everybody knows, it takes much more than just English courses to master the language–it requires speaking English all day, every day! Here is what he had to say about recent activities that have taken place at the Monastery: “Since starting as the R.A. at the Monastery I’ve been trying to think of ways for students to meet each other and promote a sense of community among the students. One of the activities I have started is a bi-monthly barbecue which takes advantage of the building’s amazing rooftop deck, with views of the Mission neighborhood, Twin Peaks, and the downtown area. So far I have been able to host three dinners, and they have been well attended, with up to 25 EC students attending each one. It is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and continue to practice their English with each other in a setting outside of the classroom.  One of the advantages of doing activities that gets everybody to meet each other is that it allows for spontaneous interactions between students. This last week we decided to have a game night, and it was so much fun seeing everyone just hanging out and trying to find the words to negotiate with each other in English over a game of Monopoly!” At recent Monastery Barbecues:      Monopoly Game Night:

Happy Birthday ECSF! 4 Years of Providing Quality English Language Courses in San Francisco

  It was four years ago on Monday May 10th, 2010 that EC San Francisco opened its doors. EC San Francisco was the forth school in the US and the first to grow organically, launched as a startup. Not from a garage but from our 18th floor of 100 Montgomery street, we started with 2 staff members, Cindy Ochoa and Amy Niles as well as two part-time teachers, with a first enrollment of… two students from Brazil! We have grown since then, and we are now a team of 6 staff members, 2 interns and about 25 teachers and students from all over the world. Over those 4 years, EC has served more than 2000 English learners through our diverse portfolio of English language courses in the heart of the Financial District of San Francisco. To celebrate this fourth anniversary, we had cake for today’s Graduation! And it is also a celebration for the EC Group, as since then, we have had 5 additional start-ups – both in the United Kingdom and the US – in Bristol, Miami, Los Angeles, Oxford and Manchester. EC San Francisco is glad to have paved the way!