EC San Francisco Welcomes Agents from All Over the World!

Today EC San Francisco welcomed a group of agents from World Study, an agency based out of Brazil. For several hours they had the chance to visit EC’s English language center in San Francisco, and see what the EC experience is all about! Upon visiting the school in downtown San Francisco, right in the heart of the city’s Financial District, the agents were given a presentation about various aspects of the school, and ask specific questions about the student experience at EC SF. The various English courses offered at EC SF and programs were discussed, as well as accommodation options such as student residences and homestays. After the presentation the agents hopped onto the BART –just like a student would! –and visited The Monastery, EC San Francisco’s student residence located in the city’s popular Mission District. They were able to see the rooms types that are available to students as well as the common areas that students at The Monastery are able to enjoy when staying there. And before they left they had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spectacular views for a photo op on The Monastery’s amazing rooftop patio! Before they left the agents were each given a copy of the book San Francisco Then and Now to remember their visit to the city, as well as to emphasize how EC San Francisco is interested in finding ways for students to experience the San Francisco, such as on the popular student activity The ‘Hood Walks with Gifford. The ‘Hood Walk is a walking tour led by an EC SF teacher which explores the city’s rich history by visiting the city’s many historical sites and landmarks in various neighborhoods throughout the city. As well as World Study, Stan from the Taiwanese agency Study DIY was also able to stop for a visit and joined the presentation as well as the tour … Read more

EC SF Students Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

As every student studying at EC SF knows, learning English is much more than just taking an English course in San Francisco! To become truly comfortable speaking and communicating in English, it requires getting out into the real world, talking with other people, and interacting in environments where English is spoken. For this reason, participating in student activities at EC San Francisco is a great way to keep working on English outside of the classroom! Every week the school coordinates a series of activities led by student ambassadors or teachers to get everyone involved in the learning experience outside of the classroom. This last weekend EC SF teacher Drew took twelve students for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Biking across bridge allowed for many great photo opportunities, as well as the chance to see the world famous landmark from a different perspective. After the bike ride everybody stopped and had lunch near Sausalito, the small bayside town that faces San Francisco, and then rode the Golden Gate Ferry back to San Francisco. As the pictures show, the weather was nice and everybody had a great time. Make the effort to participate in student activities–it’s not only a great way to make memories, but a chance to keep practicing your English as well!

Discover San Francisco on the ‘Hood Walk with Gifford!

Every week EC San Francisco students get the opportunity to take their English practice out of the classroom and into the streets of beautiful San Francisco by going on the ‘Hood Walk, a student activity led by teacher Gifford. Gifford and the students walk around a different neighborhood each week to visit notable landmarks, sites of historical interest, as well as places that students might want to return to and enjoy on their own time! Last week Gifford and the students explored the Mission District. The Mission is San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood, but in recent years has become one of the trendiest spots in the city. Within the last few years new restaurants, bars, shops, and galleries have opened up, making it a popular place to hang out. Traditionally home to San Francisco’s large Latino community, The Mission is known for its many delicious Latin food restaurants (enjoy Mexican, Nicaraguan, Salvadorenian, Guatemalan, Chilean, and many other national cuisines–even gluten-free Latin-inspired food!), music venues, theaters and performance spaces, as well as iconic historical landmarks such Mission Dolores and Dolores Park. The Mission is well known for its art scene, and there are many murals to be found throughout the neighborhood. A walking tour is the perfect way to view the neighborhood’s vibrant street art, and students on last week’s walk got to see the famous murals on the Women’s Building on 18th Street: The ‘Hood Walk with Gifford takes place every week on Wednesdays–make sure to sign up at the Front Desk, and start discovering San Francisco! [Thank you to Student Ambassador Genie for all of the great photos.] … Find out more about EC San Francisco and how to take English courses in the USA!

Andre’s Testimonial: “The staff are all very kind”

Andre from Brazil recently completed taking General English courses for four weeks at EC San Francisco. He is studying architecture back home and decided to study English during his time off. Before he left, we asked him to share a few thoughts about his time at EC SF and how to make the most of one’s time studying at an English school in San Francisco. He said that he first found out about EC San Francisco after finding it on the Study in the USA website, and decided that it was the best fit for his study goals. When asked about his favorite thing about EC San Francisco, he talked about the “good location” of the school, and how the “staff are all very kind.” What was your favorite memory of San Francisco? Andre said that his favorite memory about San Francisco was just after he first arrived at the airport and realized that he could go anywhere he wanted by public transportation! According to the American Public Transportation Association, the San Francisco Bay Area does indeed have the largest and most extensive public transportation on the West Coast of the United States, with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system the ninth largest rapid transit system in North America. This makes things very convenient for students studying at EC San Francisco, and the opportunity to visit many places during their time staying here. What advice would you give to a new student learning English at EC SF? “Don’t stay home!” he said. “Go to the museums, to the bars, go to the movies–whatever!–just get out of your room!” It sounds like Andre was able to take full advantage of his time staying in San Francisco and studying at EC SF. Best of luck to you in your continued studies, and keep working on your … Read more

Study English in the USA and Achieve Academic Success Like Arthur!

Why study English in the USA? There are many benefits to studying English in an American city like San Francisco, but one major reason is that studying in an English-language area allows you to use English in “real world” settings, which in turn can help increase the likelihood of academic success! This is demonstrated by an email EC San Francisco teacher Drew received from Arthur, one of his former students. Arthur is a French student who took General English for three weeks this last summer. We thank Arthur for agreeing to let us share his experiences with all of you. In his email Arthur talks about how his English improved because he chose to take English courses over the summer, the quality of the teachers at EC San Francisco, as well as the good memories that he made and why he misses San Francisco: This is Arthur one of your French former students. I was at EC SF last summer. I just wanted to take some news, to see how you are doing. I heard the Giants has won against Washington DC during one of the longest game ever !  You told me before I was leaving that you were going to Europe in August, I hope it was great. I miss California, especially the people there and the atmosphere of San Francisco. Today during an oral exam in English a teacher notice that my accent was better than last year. No doubt it is thanks to you. Your lessons was great! Anyway I’m looking forward to hearing  from you ! Arthur Congratulations on your exams, Arthur, and we’re so glad to hear that you have such good memories of your time here in San Francisco! Keep up the good work, and keep practicing your English.  … Study English in San Francisco and achieve academic success just like Arthur!

EC SF Celebrates the Best Teachers an English Language Center Can Have!

Today EC San Francisco celebrated World Teacher’s Day, which is held every year to recognize and appreciate teachers and educators–and since EC San Francisco has some of the best teachers that an English language center could have, we definitely had a reason to celebrate! Here’s what Elisa, EC SF’s Academic Director, had to say about the day’s activities: We took the opportunity to use this day to show our teachers our gratitude, thanks and appreciation for all that theydo.  EC teachers work tirelessly to provide our students with interactive language instruction and to make sure students are on track to success! Celebrations included having students lead classes to give teachers some R&R, a Burrito Bar lunch, and gift cards given to each and every one of our teachers.  We love YOU EC San Francisco Teachers! One of the many ways students were given the opportunity to express their appreciation to their teachers was to write a note on a large piece of paper provided by the school. Here’s a glimpse into what students had to say:   Student Wael takes over teacher Heather’s class for a bit: Thank you again to all EC San Francisco teachers–keep doing the amazing work that you do every single day!

Real Voices From Students: ECSF and The Monastery

Since August 5th, I have been living at the Monastery (student residence) with EC students. I have a lot of opportunities to communicate and interact with many of the students there. I would like to share how the students think and spend their time here in EC San Francisco and at The Monastery. Here are some reasons students like studying at EC: -A variety of Activities! We provide students with weekly changing activities. They vary from local to touristic. -An organized facility. We have vending machines in the student lounge and magazines that are free to read for students. -The magic board. Our classroom board turns into a laptop monitor! And you can share youtube with classmates and draw pictures on it. It makes studying more interesting and fun. -Small number of students in each class. Maximum 15 people. -Great experienced Teachers! -Free computers and wi-fi! Students gather in the student lounge to have lunch and chat. Tables and comfortable sofas are provided. Reasons for living in The Monastery: -New building (Opened on July 2013). -Large rooms. -Excellent location! There are many restaurants and a grocery store nearby. Good public transportation too. -Clean room. (Room cleaning once a week) -Their favorite place is the lobby. Every night students gather to eat and talk with each other. -People from all over the world. Great opportunity to improve your English skills and make cool friends! -Good facility. Coin laundry, Kitchen with utensils on every floor, and refrigerator in every room. Sometimes students have an international dinner at The Monastery. Last Friday, we had a Japanese pancake party! Some students went to Japan town to buy ingredients and made “okonomiyaki” which is a kind of Japanese pancake ( see below). This Tuesday, Koreans made “toppoki”, which is a very spicy rice cake. They … Read more