Jacapo’s Testimonial: “EC San Francisco has best rate of quality/cost”

Jacapo is an Italian student who took General English courses for four weeks at EC San Francisco. Before he left we asked if he would answer a few questions about his stay and his experience taking intensive English courses in San Francisco. Intensive English courses allows a student to focus on different skills at once, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, which leads to quicker improvement in the ability to converse and understand the language. Here is what Jacopo had to say about his time at EC SF: Why did you choose to study at EC San Francisco? I compared different schools on the base of internet judgments and EC San Francisco has the best rate of quality/cost. What was your favorite thing about EC SF? The organization of the lessons, the possibility to discuss different arguments and practice vocabulary. What is your favorite memory of SF? There are a lot of activities that you can choose after lessons. The bonfire on Ocean Beach [a student activity hosted by EC SF and Expedition America] was fantastic! What advice would you give to a new student learning English at EC SF? I suggest following all of the lessons because the teachers are really fantastic and are very interesting. We’re so glad that you enjoyed your time here, Jacapo, and good luck to you as you continue your studies!

Andrea’s Testimonial: “Speak English with everybody, all the time!”

Andrea is an Italian student who recently took English courses at EC San Francisco. Though he was only able to take classes for a week, he made the most of his time at EC SF, participating in the Business for English group and attending several student activities. We wish he had more time to spend with us before he had to return back home! Before he left, however, we asked him to share a few thoughts about the time he spent at EC SF and the advantages of taking English courses in San Francisco. When asked about what his favorite thing was about EC San Francisco, he said that “it’s a very fun community.” He decided to attend EC SF because he found out about the school on the internet and decided that he “would like to improve my English level.” And so even though he only had a short amount of take classes, he decided to do it anyway. Andrea said that his favorite memory of San Francisco was the opportunity he had to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. And what advice would he give to a student who has decided to take English courses in San Francisco and attend EC San Francisco? “Speak English with everybody” he said, “all the time!” It was so nice getting a chance to meet you Andrea, and best of luck with your future studies and entrepreneurial endeavors!

Matteo’s Testimonial: “It was one of the best moments of my life.”

Matteo from Italy began studying at EC San Francisco in June, and it is amazing how quickly his twelve weeks with us flew by! He quickly became known by everyone at the school for his enthusiasm, friendliness, and bright smile. Matteo was in the Intensive English program, which gave him many opportunities to benefit from taking a full immersion English course in San Francisco. Before he left, we asked him to tell us a little about his experiences studying English at EC SF. “I’m going to finish my courses at EC school, and I am very sad to be leaving,” he said on his last day of classes. “It was one of the best moments of my life.” When asked about what he specifically liked about the school, he singled out several things, including the teaching staff. “The teachers are very brilliant people, and I couldn’t imagine an atmosphere better then this” to learn English in. “The people here are very friendly and the ambassadors organized a lot of activities that you will help you learn a lot and make many beautiful memories in both your life and career.” “Thanks for the graduation, and lots of fun together,” he said. “Now I can’t imagine going back to my country!” Would he recommend EC San Francisco to other students wanting to experience a full immersion English course? “Yes, and I suggest you go to this school too–don’t wait a second!” Thank you, Matteo, and you are already missed! And best of luck to you and your future endeavors!