The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: Friday nights at the De Young

Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area! … We are lucky to have so many cultural freebies in this city, and  the first event I’ll bring up is a grand tradition called Friday nights at the De Young (museum). Depending on the month or even week, musical acts change depending on the cultural event. For instance, generally, near Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican band will perform; or if it’s a Spanish theme, well, guess who shows up on stage? It goes from 5:30–8:30pm  every Friday, all ages welcome; cash bar, cafe/restaurant, free live music, arts and crafts–and see the museum  for free as well! So how else do you explore your journey in this robust town? Well, the first thing to do is check out my favorite budget-friendly center where you only need fast fingers to win prizes (I have) while perusing the various events both in SF as well as in the Bay area. Yes, was started by a  student  who moved here with little money to waste, and his friend got tired of lending him money; so he did what every smart  student might do: he went to every event that was free– or almost free– and now he’s parlayed that into his own website that lists daily activities for the week with live links/info (and he’s now a VIP everywhere making good $$)! On this site you’ll find everything from a world famous DJ playing late nights for only $5 (last weekend, Mark Farina) to only paying $8 for ice skate rentals with  2 hour skate at Yerba Buena ice rink behind the Metreon. Btw, that special is every Wednesday night starting at … Read more

English Language School in San Francisco visits Dolby Labs

On March 29, 2013 EC Pre-Intermediate and Business Lab students at EC San Francisco, an English Language School in San Francisco, took a field trip to Dolby Labs. The trip was prompted by Matthias, a Business Lab student from Switzerland, whose class project is doing a financial analysis of Dolby Labs. Their teacher, Cyndi Cadua, contacted Dolby by email and was informed they do not give public tours but would make an exception in this case. Roberto Landazuri, Dolby’s Corporate Archivist was kind enough to lead our tour.   The students learned about the building where Dolby’s worldwide headquarters is located near the Potrero Hill neighborhood. The building was built as a canvas factory in 1910, not long after the 1906 earthquake. During Dolby’s seismic retrofit in the 1980s, gravestones were discovered at the site and it is speculated that some of the building’s materials are recycled headstones. In the center of the building is small room, with two foot-thick doors on either end. Back in the early 20th century, the factory employees were paid in cash so a “vault room” was required to store all the money.

Local event: Outside Lands Festival

Who said we can see many rock stars at Starbucks in San Francisco? If I remember rightly, it was Eric Martin, the vocalist of Mr. Big, who has been in the Bay Area since 1980’s. To tell you the truth, I got excited when I read this in a magazine. However, since arriving in San Francisco I have seen a number of Starbucks. I thought to myself, ‘don’t be disappointed- this was to be expected’. If there are people out there still dreaming of seeing these stars, they should go to the Golden Gate Park on the second weekend in August. The Outside Lands Festival (aka Outside Lands) is a music festival that has been held annually since 2008. The title was named after the nickname of western neighborhoods in 19th century because once there was nothing but a vast wasteland. According to the official web page, the festival will take place at the Golden Gate Park, amongst the Polo Field and Lindley Meadow. Outside Lands also satisfies the human desire for food, drink and comedy, whilst there is plenty of outside artwork on display. Last year’s line-up was as good as it get with both Kings of Leon and Muse making appearances. This year’s headliners include legendary musicians Neil Young, Metallica, and Stevie Wonder. Personally, I want to see Metallica as a loyal heavy metal fan, but I am not sure if I can survive in so many people who are eager to be right in front of the stage. Even if you’re not a die-hard music fan, there will be enough musical talent to draw your attention: Foo Fighters, Beck, Jack White, Norah Jones, and Tom Morello (former guitarist of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave). Need I say more? When it comes to buying tickets, getting directions, and making detailed plans, these hyperlinks below are full of facts! – Ticketmaster – StubHub – Official web page … Read more