This weekend: 2018 San Francisco LGBT Pride

If you have been in San Francisco in June, you must have noticed all the rainbow flags in the streets. The city celebrates every year this month the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. Many pride events are happening in June everywhere across the countries, to recognize the impact LGBT people have had in the world. And as San Francisco is well known for being one of the most gay friendly cities in the World, it is obvious that our beautiful city would pay tribute to the LGBT community during this special month. LGBT Pride takes place in June every year in San Francisco. It is organized by the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Committee. Concerts, performances, exhibitors and speeches happen during the weekend starting on Friday, while the parade takes place on Sunday. The San Francisco LGBT Celebration and Parade is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation and one of the world’s most famous pride parades, so you don’t want to miss it! The 48th annual parade will happen on June 23-24, 2018. This year’s event theme is ‘The Generations of Strength’. Here is the full schedule for the events!   2018 San Francisco Pride Schedule Friday : Trans March (11 AM). In Dolores Park Saturday : Celebration at Civic Center Plaza. (Noon to 6:00 PM) Dyke March Starting in the Mission Dyke March (5 PM). In the Mission, from 18th & Dolores. Sunday : Pride Parade (10:30 AM). Starting at Market & Beale, heading down Market St. and ends at 8th Street. Are you interested in studying in one of the most colorful and open-minded cities in the world, San Francisco? Check out our English courses in San Francisco!

The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: What to do on Labor Day Weekend!

Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area! … As you may know, Burning Man began Monday and goes through the next Monday, which you may know is Labor Day; but those who think it’s too expensive, far away, tough to get a ticket, find a friend to go with—are all wrong—simply look for last minute deals that ALWAYS happen—it’s merely a question of will (or won’t)! I’ve gone on Friday for a 3 day pass and got the full “burner” experience as well, and I nailed a very reasonable ticket on Craigslist, found a ride easily and camped with “strangers” who became friends—it’s the magic of BM! For most of you, though, this coming Labor Day weekend will be more about local stuff: music, picnics, bbqs, hikes, bikes, or just relaxing and seeing the big city shrink to its lowest (except tourists) population during the summer—and that means you’ll see Fog City relax, move slower and quieter than ever! Suggestions? Well, start TODAY! Union Square hosts monthly dance lessons and music, and today you will be treated some some very fun stuff if you want to experience a very American music and dance genre: Rockabilly! Swing in the Square is a swinging live concert and dance series taking place every fourth Wednesday from May to September from 6-8 pm. Find the information here. To begin your weekend, try either the weekly free music/art venue at the world class de Young Museum from 5pm to 8:30pm   Or if you prefer MJ, then you are lucky for 3 reasons: Friday you can get your dance on with a Tribute to … Read more

Intermediate level English course in San Francisco

Today I walked in the Embarcadero district with my Intermediate level English course in San Francisco, my writing class. It was a nice walk. The weather was pleasant instead of the windy. At first I went to Hyatt Hotel. It was great to see the architecture. The concept is not so new. I could remember one same hotel in Brazil, but at the same time the one here is better located. After, I went to Ferry Building, and I could choose between a lot of food and drink options. At the end I chose to have an yogurt ice cream. It was great to walk with my classmates, know about them better, and have the sun as our partner.

Coffee Club at English Language School in San Francisco!

Here at ECSF, an English Language School in San Francisco, we provide a variety of after-school activities.  Those who participate have the opportunity to explore our beautiful city while getting to know other students.  But, most importantly, our activity program gives students the chance to practice their English outside of class! Yesterday we had Coffee Club, which is always one of our most popular activities.  It’s led by our student ambassadors, student leaders who have been at ECSF for an extended period of time and are experts on the school and the city.  ECers gathered to chat, drink coffee, and eat snacks while engaging in lively conversation.  Coffee Club is a chance for both new and old students to come together and discuss various topics. If you’d like to take a look at pictures of Coffee Club and other fun activities, make sure to check out our Facebook Page! Click the link:

Creative Writing by One of Our Most Creative Students

Aline Mazeto Roldan was one of our most enthusiastic students at ECSF, an English Language School in San Francisco.  She was a fantastic creative writer and would like to share one of her short essays with everyone.  Read her description of the Redwoods here… Purposes Dancing, Time Changing It was a cold sunny day, with a clear blue sky. The sunlight was shinning through the trees and creating patches of bright color in the middle of the forest. Each tree with particular pulse kept in the thick and soft brown bark. The bird’s sound decorate (garnish) the vertical silence of the redwood trees. The sound of the little rocks and humid foliage on the ground were the only things talking between the footprints and the space that is to come. Time is in everywhere. The water runs in the river. You could see everything that didn’t move below, everything that was still, watching movement while keeping secret rhythms inside. The trunks were looking like old men or strange animals lurking on the curves of the trails. The sunlight was running away from the hungry night pulled by the moon. The fresh mysterious air, full of beauty and harmony during the day, gave place to a dark fear and lonliness. She wasn’t alone there anymore so she started to run from the unfriendly noises. Would she arrive at home at this night? Time was present in everyplace. Time is full of purpose. With the sweet memories on the one hand, a strong and tight bat in the other, the unknown in the eyes, she kept going in the direction of human voices. At the end of the trip, three people within in the sigth of the trees were joined new journeys. The redwoods with their 2000 years, still watching. Time, the constant changing river of purpose expressions.

Brazilian Students Sing Praises of English Language School in San Francisco

We recently asked several of our Brazilian students to write about their experiences here at our English language school in San Francisco.  This is what they wrote… 1)      Two things you enjoyed and gained from your experience: Loved the integrated approach between academic and cultural activities: great way to learn the language and the culture I’m really learning English; I feel really welcomed by my host family and this is a great city for cultural exchanges Made lots of friends; I’m learning to speak and understand English really fast People (school and city) are friendly and multicultural Quick adaptation, my family was incredible in all aspects; met people from all over the world; so far the best experience in my life Friendly, fun and welcoming environment; very organized and supportive staff Made friends, learned English fast, especially my listening and speaking skills Gaining more and more confidence to speak Made friends, learned about other cultures and cultural differences 2)   Teachers and teaching approaches/methods: Loved the teachers: Kelly, dynamic, interactive, good-humored and fun; A/B teachers provide great balance and variety Tim R. is excellent, good-humored and always receptive to our questions; Judith is a great teacher, interactive and tries to correct our pronunciation Gifford and Anthony are excellent and friendly Good method Karl and Kate are very good and I’m learning a lot; I love the school because it has everything I want and offers all the help I need Tim R is the best teacher, he explains very well and always uses words we understand. He was amazing! Tim M, Kelly and Drew are incredible, dynamic and very creative; they’re engaging and make learning fun Tim M is flexible, funny and his classes are very dynamic; Kate’s pace is excellent, her classes are challenging and I’m learning a lot Judith’s … Read more

An Enthusiastic Student Shares a Testimonial from English Language School in San Francisco

EC student, Mayra Ferreira, graduated on March 8th.  Before she left, she filled out an EC Testimonial describing her experience at our school and in San Francisco.  Thanks, Mayra!  We enjoyed having you here.  Come visit us again soon! Mayra Ferreira Brazil I came to San Francisco and studying at EC was an amazing and excited experience.  I’ve been studying here for four weeks and it was one of my greatest adventure abroad.  I recommend EC San Francisco because you can find great teachers that make learning English easier with their funny ways to teach and outside activities.  All those things really helped me improve my English.  Furthermore, EC San Francisco is located near good places to visit and have easy access to touristic spots, which is an excellent thing.  I’ll miss all the friends I made at EC and certainly I’ll always remember all different habit and history about their countries and cultures that we shared in our classes.

Guest Speaker in Communication for Business Class!

At ECSF, a downtown English language school in San Francisco, we offer a Communication for Business class that focuses on entrepreneurship and includes a string of guest speakers.  Sam Catalina, an owner of Prudential Real Estate Company, spoke to the students last month about a variety of topics related to business.  Afterwards, the students wrote essays summarizing and analyzing his lecture.  This stellar essay was written by 3 ECers: Aynur Ismailova, Carlos Rombaldo, and Eugenia Schall.  Great work, students!   On February 12th, 2013, in our business class we had a special visitor Sam Catalina – an owner of Prudential Real Estate Company, a professor at CCSF City College, a director of a bank and also a good family man.  He told us about his own background and his friends’ experiences.  The purpose of this visit was to show us the many opportunities and possibilities that exist to start a career.  Below we highlight some details about his speech.                   The speech was about good and bad experiences from his and his friends’ lives, showing in different ways how we can reach our dreams.                   A couple of words about his background.  His parents are originally from the Philippines, but he was born in the USA and grew up in San Francisco area.  He has been married more than 40 years, his wife is a teacher.  They have 3 children: a girl – she is also a teacher, and 2 sons – one is an orthodontist, another one is a manager in a large sporting goods store.  His favorite hobbies are cooking, singing karaoke and race car driving.                   He got in the real estate business when he saw his neighbor driving a lot of new fast cars.  After taking classes and educating himself, he applied for a job … Read more

A Trip to Baker Beach

Santiago, a student from Venezuela, has been studying English at ECSF, an English Language School in San Francisco.  Recently he had a food adventure in Baker Beach with other EC students.  Read about it here! A few weeks ago I went to Baker Beach to have a barbecue with some friends of the school.  They thought it was a nice idea to eat and relax with some people so I decided to go.  I live in the inner Richmond, it’s just 20 minutes from my house to get to the place so I was the first to arrive, most of my friends live in the downtown area and they decided to go to japan town first to get some food and drinks…Of course!  A bbq without food is not very fun hahaha.   Once we all were in the Baker Beach we start cooking the food very quick (hunger I guess), my friend chan is a professional, his specialty is set A LOT of fire to the barbecue to the point everybody says “woow.”  The food was delicous.  We had meat, salad, some snacks and drinks.  I liked this Multicultural barbeque, watching my Korean friends cooking while eating Japanese snacks, drinking American drinks and of course listening Latin American music. (:   If you want to chill and eat with some friends, Baker Beach is a very good option!  The place is nice and it has an excellent view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Communication for Business Class: Special Guest Speaker

Communication for Business is a popular afternoon class at EC San Francisco.  A couple weeks ago, Sam Cadelinia, a real estate expert, was invited as a guest speaker and spoke to the class about entrepreneurship based on his experience in the real estate field.  He focused his speech on dedication and the desire to learn.  Sam personifies the American Dream.  He was born in the Philippines, came to America with little money in his pocket, and early in his career, became the largest distributor of karaoke machines.  He asked the students to talk about their dreams and aspirations and to explain how those fit into their career goals.  After getting his real estate license, Sam tried to get a job at Century 21 but was turned down because there were too many agents working for the company at the time.  With determination and drive, he eventually bought a major mortgage company. Sam spoke about San Francisco as a hub of culture and entrepreneurship.  When a student asked, “What is the most challenging part of your job?” he delved into the importance of self awareness and emotional intelligence.  He also made an important comment: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  In order to be successful, according to Sam, it’s vital to have a positive attitude, be persistent, have a distinct vision/focus, keep learning, and find something that you love doing and do it.  Passion is key…being passionate about what you’re doing is the way to succeed in a bad economy. We’re looking forward to having more successful guest speakers visit us at ECSF in the future!