Ed’s Farewell to EC

Check out this heartwarming e-mail from Ed, one of EC’s most enthusiastic students and a very helpful student ambassador.  Thanks so much for coming to San Francisco, Ed!  We miss you.  Visit us again soon! Dear Kelly! Long time no see! I’m sorry for sending this WONDERFUL picture so late.  I have busy days recently meeting my friends and seeking a part-time job.  I dreamed entering EC School last night.  In dream, everything was same as I left behind, and there were all the friends I’ve met in EC, even some friends who had left before me.  All the things you gave me, you showed me and you taught me will remain in my mind forever, until I die in the future 😉  To me, you are the best teacher who is the most enthusiastic in teaching.  I hope you have great days without me(T..T) and lead our school with nice ambassadors Michael(though he wanted to be called ‘Jack’, but I like Michael) and Natalia (Do I miss another ambassador?)  I see the pictures that I took with my friends on my graduation day and that have been uploaded on Facebook.  Those make me want back to SF and back to the first day in SF.  I sometimes recall my frist day in EC – greeting brightly to Shaina at front desk, sitting on a chair in Divisadero and seeing teachers introducing themselves, my first afternoon class with.. with… what-is-his-name in Comparative Culture class, my first morning class with Gina and Claire, level up test and Claire’s praise (which made me so confident when speaking after then), moving up to upper class and taking classes of Helena(who is the best teacher as well!), Maddy, and other teachers whose names I can’t remember but faces, voluteering  ambassador with throbbing heart, doing ambassador jobs with pride, greeting … Read more