Gineth and Gustavo’s Testimonials: “I like the activities”

Gineth and Gustavo are two Colombian students who recently completed their time studying at EC San Francisco. They met each other at EC SF, and after completing their student testimonials they requested to take their photo together as “compatriots of the same country.” Gineth studied for 11 weeks at EC SF, taking General English courses to help further her career back home in Colombia. EC SF was recommended to her by her agency in Colombia, and she ended up enjoying her time studying. “You have good teachers,” she said, and she “liked the course activities.” She also mentioned that she appreciated that the courses are very interactive, “like a workshop.” Gineth also said that she “liked [the] free classes” that are offered to students twice a week at EC SF, including the Free Study periods where students can help from an EC SF teacher on any topic or subject they want to work on (including homework assignments!). There are also free classes that focus specifically on pronunciation and writing skills. Gineth specifically recommended that students at EC SF take advantage of these courses, and that taking the “listening electives” are a really great way of making the most of one’s time studying at EC San Francisco. When asked what her favorite memory of San Francisco was, Gineth spoke once again about the activities, particularly those outside of the school, as well as the fact that “people are so friendly and happy.” Like Gineth, Gustavo’s agency in Colombia recommended that he study at EC San Francisco. He ended up studying at EC SF for 4 weeks, also taking courses in the General English program. When asked what his favorite thing about studying at EC SF, Gustavo said that he liked that the mix of students who attend the school, giving him the opportunity to get to know “a lot of people … Read more

Students Celebrate Halloween at EC San Francisco!

October 31 was a very fun and exciting day at EC San Francisco, and in San Francisco in general! Not only did EC SF had a party and costume contest during the lunch hour to celebrate Halloween, just a few streets away several hundred thousand people were lined up on Market Street cheering on the San Francisco Giants Victory Parade after the Giants won the World Series two night before. The city was full of people wearing the Giant’s team colors of orange and black, and just as many people were in costume for the holiday. To say that there was a festive mood in San Francisco that day is an understatement! Just like last year, EC SF encouraged students to dress in a costume to school for the day, and we were amazed with how many students participated! All students were able to enjoy free pizza and the traditional holiday favorite pumpkin pie (with whipped cream, of course!) while getting a chance to see everybody’s costumes. After the food was eaten Teacher Vera emceed a costume contest of the best and most creative student costumes. Over twenty students were convinced–either by teachers or their peers–to participate and walk down a “catwalk” down the center of the room as everyone watching cheered them on. Here are several of the students who participated:     After everybody got a chance to show off their costume in front of the school,the five students who received the most applause were selected as finalists. They included the Joker from The Dark Knight, a dancing disco guy, a priest, and a singing cowboy riding his “horse.” All of the finalists walked to catwalk to try and get the most applause from the audience. In the end Priska won for her performance as a priest, after she silenced the whole room and did a prayer in Latin … Read more

Orachoon’s Testimonial: “I loved the activities at the school”

Orachoon from Thailand recently completed her studies at EC San Francisco. She studied here for almost twenty weeks! While she was here she took Semi-Intensive courses and her English improved greatly during her time studying at EC SF. She also made many friends during her time here, and we are very sorry to see her leave! But before she left we talked to her about her experience at EC SF and what she thought about taking English courses in San Francisco. When describing her favorite things about EC SF, Orachoon said that she “loved the activities of the school,” which were “very fun” because she could “join in on them with her friends.” She also described how student activities provided the opportunity to “meet everybody in the school.” She said that her favorite thing about San Francisco were the people, and how friendly everybody was. She also talked about how she was struck by all the different types of people who live in this city, and was very impressed with how people in the city respected everyone else. Orachoon first found out about EC SF on the internet while she was researching possible English language schools, and decided to attend because there weren’t many students from her home country which would allow her to have new and difference experiences, and also that after seeing pictures online of the school she thought it looked like a good fit for her. When asked what she would recommend to to a new student at EC San Francisco, Orachoon said that students should get out and discover things that are “good and exciting,” as well as study hard in your courses. Best of luck to you in the future, Orachoon, and continue practicing all of the English that you learned!

EC San Francisco Celebrates Halloween!

Halloween is now just several days away, and EC San Francisco is getting ready for Friday’s activities by decorating the front desk area! A number of Halloween-themed activities are planned throughout the week, including a ghost walk of San Francisco City Hall, a Halloween outdoor movie screening, as well as a costume contest at graduation on Friday. Get involved and enjoy the festivities!

EC SF Students Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

As every student studying at EC SF knows, learning English is much more than just taking an English course in San Francisco! To become truly comfortable speaking and communicating in English, it requires getting out into the real world, talking with other people, and interacting in environments where English is spoken. For this reason, participating in student activities at EC San Francisco is a great way to keep working on English outside of the classroom! Every week the school coordinates a series of activities led by student ambassadors or teachers to get everyone involved in the learning experience outside of the classroom. This last weekend EC SF teacher Drew took twelve students for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Biking across bridge allowed for many great photo opportunities, as well as the chance to see the world famous landmark from a different perspective. After the bike ride everybody stopped and had lunch near Sausalito, the small bayside town that faces San Francisco, and then rode the Golden Gate Ferry back to San Francisco. As the pictures show, the weather was nice and everybody had a great time. Make the effort to participate in student activities–it’s not only a great way to make memories, but a chance to keep practicing your English as well!

Discover San Francisco on the ‘Hood Walk with Gifford!

Every week EC San Francisco students get the opportunity to take their English practice out of the classroom and into the streets of beautiful San Francisco by going on the ‘Hood Walk, a student activity led by teacher Gifford. Gifford and the students walk around a different neighborhood each week to visit notable landmarks, sites of historical interest, as well as places that students might want to return to and enjoy on their own time! Last week Gifford and the students explored the Mission District. The Mission is San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood, but in recent years has become one of the trendiest spots in the city. Within the last few years new restaurants, bars, shops, and galleries have opened up, making it a popular place to hang out. Traditionally home to San Francisco’s large Latino community, The Mission is known for its many delicious Latin food restaurants (enjoy Mexican, Nicaraguan, Salvadorenian, Guatemalan, Chilean, and many other national cuisines–even gluten-free Latin-inspired food!), music venues, theaters and performance spaces, as well as iconic historical landmarks such Mission Dolores and Dolores Park. The Mission is well known for its art scene, and there are many murals to be found throughout the neighborhood. A walking tour is the perfect way to view the neighborhood’s vibrant street art, and students on last week’s walk got to see the famous murals on the Women’s Building on 18th Street: The ‘Hood Walk with Gifford takes place every week on Wednesdays–make sure to sign up at the Front Desk, and start discovering San Francisco! [Thank you to Student Ambassador Genie for all of the great photos.] … Find out more about EC San Francisco and how to take English courses in the USA!