May Activity Calendar for EC San Francisco

There is so much more to studying English at EC San Francisco besides English courses. Join us this month on some fun activities in the Bay Area! EC San Francisco will be taking students on a variety of activities with teachers and student ambassadors. All accompanied activities in orange require a 5-student minimum, so it’s very important to sign up. Pay for tickets and weekend trips at the front desk. Some of the highlights for this month include Alcatraz Tour, BBQ at the Golden Gate Park, and Beach Picnic, as well as so much more. We have some great activities planned for you this month at this fun language school in San Francisco. We encourage students to join as many events as they can to increase exposure to English-speaking opportunities and environments! Classes in blue and activities in orange are free of charge. Please ask the front desk if you have any questions. Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our ESL Courses at EC San Francisco!

Coffee Club at English Language School in San Francisco!

Here at ECSF, an English Language School in San Francisco, we provide a variety of after-school activities.  Those who participate have the opportunity to explore our beautiful city while getting to know other students.  But, most importantly, our activity program gives students the chance to practice their English outside of class! Yesterday we had Coffee Club, which is always one of our most popular activities.  It’s led by our student ambassadors, student leaders who have been at ECSF for an extended period of time and are experts on the school and the city.  ECers gathered to chat, drink coffee, and eat snacks while engaging in lively conversation.  Coffee Club is a chance for both new and old students to come together and discuss various topics. If you’d like to take a look at pictures of Coffee Club and other fun activities, make sure to check out our Facebook Page! Click the link:

A Trip to Baker Beach

Santiago, a student from Venezuela, has been studying English at ECSF, an English Language School in San Francisco.  Recently he had a food adventure in Baker Beach with other EC students.  Read about it here! A few weeks ago I went to Baker Beach to have a barbecue with some friends of the school.  They thought it was a nice idea to eat and relax with some people so I decided to go.  I live in the inner Richmond, it’s just 20 minutes from my house to get to the place so I was the first to arrive, most of my friends live in the downtown area and they decided to go to japan town first to get some food and drinks…Of course!  A bbq without food is not very fun hahaha.   Once we all were in the Baker Beach we start cooking the food very quick (hunger I guess), my friend chan is a professional, his specialty is set A LOT of fire to the barbecue to the point everybody says “woow.”  The food was delicous.  We had meat, salad, some snacks and drinks.  I liked this Multicultural barbeque, watching my Korean friends cooking while eating Japanese snacks, drinking American drinks and of course listening Latin American music. (:   If you want to chill and eat with some friends, Baker Beach is a very good option!  The place is nice and it has an excellent view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

International Food Party

Interested in sharing your culture’s cuisine with other international students?  At EC San Francisco, our students often cook together to learn about various types of food that they don’t see every day in their country.  Sharing a meal while practicing English is a great way to connect with other ECers.  One of our newest student ambassadors, Yunhee Ahn, recently participated in an “international food party” with her friends.  Read more about it here!  And get inspired to hold your own food party! Many people expect to learn English and American culture when they study abroad in the U.S. If you study abroad at language school in the U.S., you can learn not only American culture, but also cultures from other countries. Recently, my friends in EC San Francisco and I had the international food parties. Students from Korea, Japan and Taiwan gathered together and took turns to cook their national foods to each other. Few days ago, our school students from Taiwan held the third international food party. They prepared Hot pot for us. Hot pot is a meal originated from Mongolia. It became popular among East Asian countries, and it has changed into their own national style. Hot pot is cooked in a simmering metal pot on the dining table, so it is good to enjoy together while cooking and eating. Cooking method is easy and simple. We just have to put some ingredients such as thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, and dumplings into the simmering hot pot. When the ingredients are well-cooked, scoop up them into our own plate and then enjoy eating it! The international food party with EC San Francisco school students was very interesting and exciting experience. Although we were not cooking experts, it was good opportunity for us to try other countries foods. … Read more

Super Bowl 2013

Did you watch the Super Bowl this year?!  Plenty of students at EC San Francisco did! Check out what Koki, one of our new student ambassadors, said about this epic game! The last sunday was exciting day.  We went to the bar and watched a American foot ball game.  Our 49ers lost but it was almost won!!  After a power failure, they played really well.  Before that incident, atmosphere of the bar was terrible but after that, people in the bar shouted, sang and laughed.  That was my first time to go to the bar for watching sports, but I really enjoyed it.  Thank you for coming a lot of students, and finally baseball season will start.  Let’s go to watch San Francisco Giants game!!  

Introducing Yunhee Ahn

We’d like to congratulate Yunhee Ahn on becoming one of our student ambassadors here at EC San Francisco!  She has been a great asset to the student ambassador program and we’re looking forward to what she’ll be doing in the future. She’d like to introduce herself… Hello.  My name is Yunhee Ahn.  I am from South Korea.  I have been studying in EC San Francisco for four months, and I stay here two more months.  Now, I am having a wonderful time in EC San Francisco, and I am satisfied with my school.  Also, I can feel that my English is improving than before.  Since I have been in EC San Francisco for four month, I would love to help new students to adjust well in school and share my experience as a student ambassador.

Salsa Dancing Activity

Have you taken advantage of EC San Francisco’s Activity Calendar yet?!  If not, make sure you do!  One of our past activities was salsa dancing with FATIH.  He’s a student ambassador here at ECSF, meaning that he’s been at the school for an extended period of time and is an expert on the city of San Francisco.  Check out what he wrote about this popular activity… San Francisco presents us many chances to experience different activities belong to different cultures by means of its charming cultural diversity.  One of them is “Salsa Dancing” activity that gathers people who want to learn how to dance or to improve their skills while it is prompting us to socialize with the local people.  I wanna thank all EC students for their participating and making this activity enjoying and unforgettable.  Many of us were dancing and talking with local people who we didn’t know before.  As an organizer, it’s very delighting to see that.  Someone, who wants to meet local people and to adopt easily to live here by enjoying, should try these kinds of activities.  By the way, we need your help to discover these cultural activities.  Feel free to share them with us if you find new things to organize.  

Introducing Hidetoshi Koki

We’d like to congratulate Hidetoshi Koki on becoming one of our student ambassadors here at EC San Francisco!  He has been a great asset to the student ambassador program and we’re looking forward to what he’ll be doing in the future. He’d like to introduce himself… I’m Hidetoshi Koki from japan. Everyone calls me “Koki.” I have been here for three month and I’m planning to stay here six month more. My hobby is: playing watching baseball, eating, reading. If you need any help, student ambassadors can help you.  

What’s EC Like?

Nathalia Franco, one of our stellar former Student Ambassadors, shares her experience at EC San Francisco!  Read about it here… Being away from our country, our family, our culture can make us feel homesick and sad sometimes, but speaking from my own experience, I think that being here give us the opportunitie to know a lot of people from all around the world and we can buid good friendship bonds for a lifetime and it can help us to endure the fact that we are far from our families. I think that this experience we are all living here in EC its going to enrich us not just because we are improving and practicing our english, we are learning a lot from other cultures geting to know directly people from different countries, we are not just getting through the american culture here for sure. Every week a new group students arrive to the school but a the same time some students have to go back home, its hard to say good bye but I’m glad that I met you all.

Popular Activity: Gifford’s “The Hood!”

“The Hood” is one of our newest staff-led activities here at EC San Francisco.  It’s led by Gifford, one of our teachers, and always fills up quickly!  Students join him for an in-depth class that explains the history of different San Francisco neighborhoods.  Fatih Demiraslan, a stellar student ambassador, joined this activity and wrote a description of his experience.  Read about it here!  And don’t forget to sign up for “The Hood” at least once before you leave EC!  In fact, why not do it every week? Hood Walking Anyone who wants to know more than that can be seen should join the walking tour with Gifford.  This week we’ve visited Haight Ashbury Neighborhood where is the center of hippie revolution.  We tried to remember and live the ambiance of “Summer of Love” visiting some of famous musicians’ houses such as John Philipps and Scott McKenzie.  This activity started to begin more popular and regular among EC San Francisco activities.  We can’t wait for the next one.  If Gifford had enough free time, we would want to do it everyday.  However we know that it is not possible so that we should wait for the next week.