EC San Francisco English School’s Writing Class – Blog Post About Blogs!

This month, the writing class at EC San Francisco English School has taken an in-depth look at some popular blogs. So we have created a blog post that is about blogs! Each student chose one that they were interested in, summarized a post and reviewed the blog. Check out what they found! 1) Omar Quintero – GranTourismo! Grantourismotravels is a tourism blog, this blog is written and photographed by Lara Dunson and Terence Carter. They travel around the world and they not practice the normal tourist of the known the special tourist places or the most delicious restaurants, they leave like a local people and they  show us the daily routing in the life of the countries than they visited. One of the post that they have is about the Asian Travel Etiquette, in this post you can find how you should greet people, how to conduct your self, what is considered good manners and what’s not and what you should wear. I like this blog because they try to deep in the culture of the country that they visited, is not superficial tourist they learn and teach about the smalls but important issues of the countries. This blog help us to prepare ours future travels around the world. 2) Juan David Acosta – Stance Works Post:Joy Johnston’s newing/Alpil VolksWagen Beetle. This post is completely based on car modifications and mainly focused in lowering rides. I consider myself a car enthusiast therefore I found this post really attractive and constructive for my aesthetics references. I read in it about many detailing aspects about the interior, and the whole process that it took to reach that point of excellence. Also is involved the connection between the owner and the machine, which is a strong reality that becomes sometimes in relationship. So if … Read more

Writing Class Blog Posts for November!

This week the writing class had the option of choosing one of three topics for their blog posts. With the three day weekend coming up, there is a lot of opportunity to explore. Here were their options: 1) What to do with a three day weekend in the SF Bay Area 2) Cool things to see outside of San Francisco (and how to get there!) 3) The most interesting thing you have seen in SF that is not something that is easy to find, or very common for tourists to see.   Read on to see what you can learn from our students about the best way to spend your free time in the lovely Bay Area!   1) Gabriela San Francisco is a city where people are not able to be boring, and in a three day weekend you can have so much fun.  I have chosen three things to do in my last weekend in this amazing city. –          First day – Sandcastle contest on Ocean Beach: Northern California’s largest sandcastle building event , is a spirited competition between teams of architects, engineers, contractors, designers and local elementary school students. It’s a different activity to do in SFO Bay area , people can go there, see how they build the sand castles,  having a relax time at beach and at the end of the day just watching the beautiful sunset.   –          Second Day- Napa Valley: One of the most important things that you have to do when you visit San Francisco is going to Napa Valley to visit the most important vineyards of California and to taste some of the most delicious wines in the world, enjoying breathtaking and romantic views. If you want to go there by the most american way you can rent a Mustang, … Read more

Writing Class Post – Must See SF!

Kei: I would like to introduce you to ‘’Must see SF!’’ The place that I want to recommend is Twins Peaks! Have you ever been there? If you have not been to there, you must go! It was named twins peaks because there are two hills like a twins.  Each peak has its own name: Eureka Peak(North Peak) and Noe Peak(South Peak). This place is famous for its scenic beauty. You can see golden gate bridge, famous church, beautiful park and the San Francisco Bay many boat are coming and going. I cannot forget the view form there with my friends.  The scene is branded on my memory. So, I really recommend Twins Peaks. You have to climb up hill, it is better to go to there with shoes that are easy to walk in. There are at high altitude, the wind is blowing hard. You should wear warm clothes.  If you go to there, you take the 37 Corbett Muni line and get off Crestline Drive station near a path up the hill. I hope you can have a great time at Twins Peaks! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Juan David: Why? It’s not about a big city, or the cheapest one, but you know for me is the place to be. Almost everybody where I come from wants to go to other towns and countries, with difficult names, but I don’t. I want to stay here and keep knowing much as possible. This city has so much to give that I don’t have all the space and the time to explain it but I’ll try to share what I think you must see in SF. For me it’s impossible to say which is my favorite thing to do or which was the best because all the days I’m glad to walk … Read more

Writing Class Blog Post – Paragraphs

This week the writing class has been focusing on paragraph structure. As a final activity, students wrote a paragraph on the topic of their choosing. Some of them wrote even more!   #1 – Tariq Almalki I have been here in america almost four months. and i traveled a lot in my country ,i didn’t find any restaurant or cook like my mam cook , I am really homesick for my mom’s cooking. we called it kabsa . first thing i will do when u come back i will eat kabsa . i advise you when you come to Arabian country to try homemade kabsa. ____________________________________________________________ #2 – Ohbin Kown There’s something we are forgetting when we are going to travel! I often used to travel in my country in order to enjoy my life. I think it’s good choice. I have traveled other countries. However, tourist spot of Korea is one of best place in my mind. Usually, Almost Korean want to go to other country. it’s so stupid situation. Also, Some people didn’t travel in my country at all. They don’t know about tourist spot. Furthermore, they aren’t interested in our tourist spot they just want to go to tourist spot of other country. We have to know about our cultural heritage. Nowadays, people are slowing down to travel in my country. In conclusion, First, we have to know about our heritage. Second, we should go travel from our country. Traveling is so fun for relaxing my body. but Don’t Forget about , you have to think about our beautiful places.   ____________________________________________________________ #3 – Ranya Juengsanguansit   Thai food is interesting foods. There have many color and many tast. Thai food is cooked not difficult. You should try to cook and eat it. The best of Thai food of the world is Chicken Mussaman Curry. Because it has many ingredient and long time to cook. If you can eat it … Read more

Writing Class Challenge – What to do for free in San Francisco?!

This week the writing class was presented with a challenge – create a short writing with five fun activities to do in San Francisco that are free – all you have is a Clipper Card, no money! Students got creative in their suggestions, which are written below. #1 – Eugenia Nikitina If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do. First you should go to Embarcadero to see Bay Bridge and lots of beautiful views. It’s located not far from EC-school and it is good because you can get it by foot. Also in San Francisco are many amazing parks. For example, you can go to the Golden Gate Park for a picnic and playing in various games on fresh air. Also you can take your skateboard or bicycle because there are many places where you can ride it.  It can be very funny. Golden Gate Park pretty far from down town and I advise you go there by muni but if you like walking very much it will be about 45 minutes by foot. Then you can go to the ocean beach to see the Pacific Ocean and sunbath if weather should be good. You can play soccer, volleyball or something else with other people on the beach.  It is near from the Golden Gate Park and it will be very easy to get there. Also all this places have stunning views and you have a chance to take the great photos. Have a good time! ____________________________________________________________ #2 – Becky and Justin   If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do. First, you should go to Golden Gate Bridge and see famous bridge in world. It is located … Read more