EC Fredonia Winter Activities


Before spring break, EC Fredonia caught the perfect weather for snow tubing.

For those who don’t know about snow tubing, it’s like sledding, except on an air-filled inner tube-type-device, which reaches adrenaline-pumping speeds. It can be done on a normal hill or it can be done at a ski resort.

There is truly no skill needed for tubing; all you need is a group of friends, and some warm winter clothes.



There are some variations that make snow tubing a very interesting activity. Some ski areas, for example the one we went to with EC Fredonia students, offered several lanes. This helped those who wanted to engage in a downhill race. It was so much fun getting ready on the top in a line with 5 or 6 people and wait for the green light to start tubing and at the end you want to do it one more time. We had fun for almost 4 hours in NY, Glenwood Kissing Bridge  Thank you guys tubing like crazy with us.

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