Cameras Rolling at EC Fredonia

EC Fredonia students get exposure to the process of the film making. They had a chance to show their confidence in front of the camera. EC’s camera caught some fun moments. This was a SUNY Fredonia student directed video. Several EC Fredonia students participated in the project. Students read from a script in English and then read it in their own language. As we all know speaking in front of other people in another language is quite difficult. This shooting helped our students to improve their public speaking skills and have fun at the same time. We at EC Fredonia, appreciate our students’ participation. You guys were awesome and very talented. Video will be edited and posted by summer. Can’t wait to see results. Keep up following us on our Blog!

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Bart and Surayya are having shoot with the director in EC Fredonia’s student lounge. Photo credit: Robyn Halicki

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