EC Fredonia Festivals Preview

As you may have read, its County Fair week, but that’s just the start of the summer festivals in Fredonia are surrounding area.  EC Fredonia Students have an exciting August ahead of them! August 5-8 The Gerry Rodeo: see cowboys (and girls) in NY.  Bull riding, bucking broncos, barrel racing, … Read more

The County Fair

This week is the 132nd Chautauqua County Fair!  The fairgrounds are just down the street from EC Fredonia and currently teeming with people.  From July 27th until August 2nd there will be rides, vendors, fair food, animals, and performances of all kinds.  The gates open at 9am, the midway (rides) op … Read more

Hiking Adventure

EC Fredonia students spent a day in nature last week.  Jacob, from the University International Department, led an excursion to Allegheny State Park with Teacher Micheal and Teacher Claire.     Western New York isn’t a big urban area.  We don’t have cities with millions of peop … Read more

4th of July at EC Fredonia

This Saturday is American Independence day, also known as, The 4th of July.  This holiday celebrates the United States of America being recognized as its own country, independent from Great Britain.  Across America families and friends gather to have picnics, cookouts, go swimming, and after the sun … Read more

EC Fredonia Darien Lake

EC Fredonia students and SUNY Fredonia international students visited Darien Lake on June 25th. It was the perfect weather, and they had a fun time in the huge American amusement park. Especially, they enjoyed roller coasters very much. EC student Tony said that he rode the Man of Steel roller coast … Read more