EC Fredonia Students Learn About University Career Services

Ever wondered what you’ll be doing after college?  What career you’ll be getting out of bed for every morning, what job you’ll spend your days doing?

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EC Fredonia students are learning how the University can answer their questions and help them reach their goals.  Should I work in college?  Get an internship in my field?  How do I write a resume and apply for a job in America?  This week students in the Upper elective class will learn all about career planning and what services are available to all SUNY Fredonia students.  Jennifer, from the Career Development Department, took the class to a computer lab and worked with students to develop their resumes.  They discussed using action words to describe your skills, abilities and accomplishments and how to package it all for a potential employer.

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Students will also learn more about resumes, elevator pitches, interview preparation and practice, and ways to follow-up once the Fall Semester starts.


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