Interning & Learning English On-Campus at EC Fredonia!

My name is Tyra Henson from the United States. I am originally from New York City, a senior English major and the academic intern over at EC Fredonia. I enjoy writing, reading Gothic novels and meeting new people. I am interning here at EC Fredonia because I want to know all the ways students are learning English. Upon graduating I want to travel, earn my master’s degree in International Education and teach students English. As the intern this semester, I will be taking over the blog! I look forward to sharing with all of you my experience at EC as an intern. Also, I wish to share the experiences of our current students and faculty while allowing Fredonia to be the perfect backdrop! You will see all the ways our students work hard to becoming better speakers of English; how they play in this small diverse village, whether its going bowling or attend many of our On-Campus events; and how EC faculty are learning from our students in more ways than one! Being immersed in a new language is the key to learning. Thriving within the university campus provides our students with strong overall academic support. Find out more about Learning English on Campus at EC Fredonia. I look forward to sharing! Farewell for now!       – Tyra     Check out our Facebook Page!