What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an event that happens each year on April 22nd to celebrate nature and takes action to promote environmental protection. Many countries all around the world have been celebrating Earth Day since 1970. It was started by founder Gaylord Nelson, a US senator at the time who wanted to sustai … Read more

It’s Spring Time in Fredonia!

  It’s the time of year where you all of the sudden see more people on Fredonia’s beautiful campus. Most of the time university classes are in session it is either raining or snowing and there’s not a soul in sight. When the temperatures begin to rise in the beginning of April … Read more

New York Primary, Tomorrow, April 19th

It’s election season in the United States which means we are looking for the best representative to be the next president of the United States for four years, ranging from 2016-2020. The United States is set up as a democracy and one person is elected every four years to be President, or in ot … Read more

It’s Pet Day!

In America it’s common to have a pet. Whether it be a cat, a dog, or fish, many Americans have pets in their homes. But do other cultures enjoy pets just as much as Americans? In some cultures, like the US or UK, dogs are considered a wonderful pet to have in the home and they even become apar … Read more

Preparing for the Next Step

With registration beginning today, April 6th, EC had a guest speaker come in from The Office of Registrar. The presentation talked about the steps to take to enroll at Fredonia University. This office focusses on assisting with the registration process, creating new courses, distributes academic tra … Read more