What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is an event that happens each year on April 22nd to celebrate nature and takes action to promote environmental protection. Many countries all around the world have been celebrating Earth Day since 1970. It was started by founder Gaylord Nelson, a US senator at the time who wanted to sustain the environment for future generations. Earth Day focuses on recycling, global warming, sustainable resources, and forms of clean energy. On this day many events are held to support environmental protection. There are clean ups, rallies and awareness events held in nations all over the globe. Here in Fredonia we celebrate Earth Day as a full month event. Throughout the month of April many of the lights on campus are changed to green in honor of the holiday. This past month Fredonia has had recycling events, clothing swaps, environmentally friendly displays, crafting events that turn old items into new treasures, the creation of compost piles, planted trees, an electronic recycling, a beach clean up, and much more. Earth Day has always been very important to Fredonia’s faculty and students and will continue to be for years to come. Find out more about English Language courses in the US

It’s Spring Time in Fredonia!

  It’s the time of year where you all of the sudden see more people on Fredonia’s beautiful campus. Most of the time university classes are in session it is either raining or snowing and there’s not a soul in sight. When the temperatures begin to rise in the beginning of April that’s when you know the campus is about to get much busier. With the semester wrapping up and students preparing for graduation there is many activities going on. There are chicken barbecues, spring clean ups, concerts, and much more happening all over campus. Some specific events being held this spring are the Senior Class Barbeque this Friday, April 22nd, the Sammy Adams concert this Saturday, April 23, an E-Cycling Event, Saturday, April 23, and several inter-mural sports events happening daily! Spring is not just a big time on campus, but also for downtown Fredonia. The town of Fredonia has a series of events they hold throughout the spring into summer. The Fredonia Farmer’s Market opens up every Saturday morning and there are several festivals held in the center of Fredonia’s downtown that include, music, arts and crafts, and delicious food. Be sure to look out for any new exciting events and activities happening on and off Fredonia’s campus!    

New York Primary, Tomorrow, April 19th

It’s election season in the United States which means we are looking for the best representative to be the next president of the United States for four years, ranging from 2016-2020. The United States is set up as a democracy and one person is elected every four years to be President, or in other words the leader of the United States. Each of the 50 states in the U.S. holds a primary election deciding who they would like to run for president in each party. Republicans and Democrats in New York will be voting on Tuesday, April 19th for the candidate they would like to see run next fall. Because New York is a Democratic state, whoever the Democrats vote to be in the election will get New York’s vote to be in the election for President. The two people running in the Democrat party are Bernie Sander and Hilary Clinton. As of today Hilary has the most delegates or votes out of each state for the Democrat party with 1,758. Those running in the Republican party are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. The front runner for the Republican party is Donald Trump with 744 delegates. Tomorrow is a big day that decides New York’s place in the 2016 Presidential Election.   Find out more about English Language courses in the US

It’s Pet Day!

In America it’s common to have a pet. Whether it be a cat, a dog, or fish, many Americans have pets in their homes. But do other cultures enjoy pets just as much as Americans? In some cultures, like the US or UK, dogs are considered a wonderful pet to have in the home and they even become apart of the family. In other cultures, like those where Islam is the majority religion, dogs are looked at to be dirty or dangerous and are only used for guarding purposes. In the Koran dogs are seen as unhygienic and will never be kept in the home and are very seldom touched. In India, cows are sacred and seen as the most important animal. Beef is not eaten in India. Although, in Argentina, pride is taken in the cuts of beef they serve and is eaten in special circumstances. Some richer household in Asia like to have pets such as monkeys and tigers rather than dogs or cats. Having a pet has become more and more popular over the years and continues to grow. Whether it be a dog, a cow, or a monkey, each culture has a different way of having pets or treasuring animals.   English for Academic Purposes (EAP)    

Preparing for the Next Step

With registration beginning today, April 6th, EC had a guest speaker come in from The Office of Registrar. The presentation talked about the steps to take to enroll at Fredonia University. This office focusses on assisting with the registration process, creating new courses, distributes academic transcripts, provides enrollment and degree services and much more. The Office of Registrar helps make sure faculty and student’s on Fredonia’s campus are on the right path to success! Some helpful tips that were given during this presentation were: – Use of Degree Works: new degree tracking system. – Check dates and deadlines when applications and other forms are due. – Check Your Connection to speak with advisor before you sign up for classes. – Keep grades up at EC and if you are already taking any Fredonia classes. – Attendance is Key: go to class every day and be on time. – Study, Study!: Keep your level test grades up. In collaboration with The Office of Registrar, EC Fredonia wants you to succeed and meet your goal of attending Fredonia University! EC offers various English courses, including: English for Academic Purposes (EAP) English Language courses in the US