It’s Pet Day!

pets3_1_In America it’s common to have a pet. Whether it be a cat, a dog, or fish, many Americans have pets in their homes. But do other cultures enjoy pets just as much as Americans?

In some cultures, like the US or UK, dogs are considered a wonderful pet to have in the home and they even become apart of the family. In other cultures, like those where Islam is the majority religion, dogs are looked at to be dirty or dangerous and are only used for guarding purposes. In the Koran dogs are seen as unhygienic and will never be kept in the home and are very seldom touched.

In India, cows are sacred and seen as the most important animal. Beef is not eaten in India. Although, in Argentina, pride is taken in the cuts of beef they serve and is eaten in special circumstances.

Some richer household in Asia like to have pets such as monkeys and tigers rather than dogs or cats.

Having a pet has become more and more popular over the years and continues to grow. Whether it be a dog, a cow, or a monkey, each culture has a different way of having pets or treasuring animals.


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