Minji’s EC Fredonia Experience

Minji is an amazing success story for EC On-Campus at SUNY Fredonia.  She proved to herself and the rest of us that hard work can make anything possible.  Minji had 100% attendance for a 54 week booking in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)!  She wanted to learn English and be successful at univers … Read more

Gyuwon’s EC Fredonia experience

Last week Gyuwon from South Korea graduated EC Fredonia at the Advanced level after 17 weeks in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) .  Next semester he will be a full University student at The State University of New York at Fredonia majoring in Computer Science.  According to all his teachers, Gyuw … Read more

Meet Jacob Czelusta!

Jacob Czelusta is the Assistant Director of International Student Services in the Campus Life Department at Fredonia. After teaching ESL abroad and working at a large university in Dallas, Texas, he decided to come to Fredonia. We asked him a few questions to see what he does on our campus: What are … Read more

Becoming a University Student

What does it take to graduate EC On-Campus at Fredonia and become a full university student? 1. This may seem a bit abstract, but you really have to WANT it.  A can-do mindset will make all the following points possible.  Be mentally prepared to work hard and reach your goals! 2. Come to class!  Eve … Read more