Tips from a Graduating International Student

As a senior student in college, I have done many homework assignments, projects, and exams, etc. I have learned many things though doing those, and I have some tips that want to share with you. First, never put off things until the last minute. If you always do your assignments right before the due date, the quality of it is not going to be as good as doing it earlier. That is also the mistake I used to make, and think it happens to many of students. When I try to do my assignments early, then I got plenty of time to think about it and try to finish it neatly. That just makes me feel so good when I finish my assignments  and I actually still have time for it, I realize that I got relaxed by doing that. One thing that I really want to mention is that asking your professor or even classmate right away every time when you get confused or lost in the class, don’t just ignore it or try to figure it out yourself which you probably never do it. That just happened to me over and over again, I always thought I could go over the class material myself when I could not follow up the professor, that is the most stupid thing ever, because I just forget about everything after the class over, and I just got tons of questions by making the same mistake at the end. Moreover, preview the material before the class was extremely helpful to me, it  gives me a chance to know what the professor will talk about and what I may not understand, so I could focus on that more when professor explains that. Those tips really helped me a lot in my college studying.