Common Surprises in the USA

Yes, there are fraternities and sororities, but they are not like what you see in the movies. Many of them are developed to focus on charity and philanthropy. They do have parties but not like what you have seen in movies like Superbad, American Pie, or Neighbors. Feel free to join a sorority or fra … Read more

Weekend Happenings!

Friday, February 3rd Sharbani Das Gupta   When: 12-6pm Where: Rockefeller Arts Center Marion Art Gallery What: Exhibit   Public Ice Skating When: 7-9pm Where: Steele Hall Complex Ice Rink   Open recreation When: 7-10pm Where: Dods Hall Complex Dods Gym   Open swim When: 8-9:30pm … Read more

Slang Phrase: “Pig Out”

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used on college campuses! When students get stressed because of tests, finals week, or because a paper is due, they tend to eat more. Or, if they are just bored and sitting in their room with friends they will usually do this.   Phrase: Pig out Mean … Read more

American Slang Phrase: Bundle up!

The American Slang Phrase this week is relating to the cold, snowy weather we have during the winter! A lot of parents use this phrase when speaking with children, and a lot of people regularly use this phrase as well!   Phrase: Bundle up Meaning: Dress warm, wear layers of clothing, etc. Examp … Read more

Come Learn English at SUNY Fredonia

  Fredonia is a quaint town approximately an hour south of Buffalo, NY, the second largest city in New York state. Because of the size of the town and the campus, most people get to know each other quite well! Every time you walk to your classes, you will see a familiar, friendly face. Here at … Read more

American Slang Phrase: Kill two birds with one stone

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used among college students. This phrase can sometimes mean using little effort, and when college students get lazy that is what they want to do!   Phrase: Kill two birds with one stone Meaning: Completing two tasks at once with only one effort Exam … Read more

Weekend Activities!

Friday, January 20th Faculty, Staff, Student Recreation When: 12-8pm Where: Dods Hall Gym Complex What: Open recreation   Men’s Basketball vs. SUNY New Paltz When: 5:30-7:30pm Where: Steele Hall Complex   Fredonia Men’s Hockey vs. Post University When: 7-9:30pm Where: Steele Ha … Read more