EC Fredonia Learning English is Fun!

This week at EC Fredonia, students experienced a plethora of approaches to learning English in a collegiate setting.  On Monday, many gathered to observe the Memorial Day holiday and attend related festivities.  Tuesday, students used their senses to predict and speculate about texts.  They wrote ar … Read more

Learning English Idioms at EC

Students at EC Fredonia took advantage of the community resources this week at the Darwin R. Barker Public Library.  While studying a unit on English idioms, students took ownership of their learning by creating a bulletin board to highlight their work!  Teacher Sandra Maggio led the students throug … Read more

Learn English through science at EC Fredonia

This week at EC students experienced how to learn English through science.  We discussed the geology of the Great Lakes Region where we are located by studying ice age maps and real specimens.  One of the first things our students see when they arrive in WNY is beautiful lake Erie- they often ask if … Read more