Learn English through science at EC Fredonia

This week at EC students experienced how to learn English through science.  We discussed the geology of the Great Lakes Region where we are located by studying ice age maps and real specimens.  One of the first things our students see when they arrive in WNY is beautiful lake Erie- they often ask if it is an ocean!  This makes for a great opportunity for English conversation about how these vast lakes formed.  Students are surprised that lake Erie was the result of glaciers from the last ice age because most come from regions that never experienced this.

Yesterday, students studied fossil specimens from lake Erie and made inferences about the forces of nature that caused them.  They identified aquatic fossils of plants and animals and formed hypotheses about how and why these imprints where left.  The students used a combination of text clues and schema to present their fossil inferences to the class.  They were most impressed by the scoring of rocks by glaciers and how fossil-rich the Lake Erie shoreline is.  One student from China said she was never interested in geology before studying the subject here at EC.  Fantastic way to feature our region, practice academic English and support science skills! https://www.ecenglish.com/en/school-locations/usa/learn-english-at-suny-fredonia/english-courses/english-for-academic-purposes




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