Learning English at EC Fredonia

How do EC students feel about their experience learning English at EC Fredonia?  One student said…”I want to study English here because it is so comfortable.  It is a good environment to learn.”  This is because of the individual experience and attention students are provided with here at EC. Everywhere students look there is helpful information provided in a clear and to-the-point manner.  The EC bulletin board is home to more than just activities to do around campus and the community as it also offers updated course information to keep students on track.  The personal touch at EC Fredonia doesn’t stop in the halls.  In our fully-equipped, technology-centered classrooms the walls speak to the dedication of the staff.  Come enhance your experience with our outstanding staff and students and Learn English on Campus in New York with EC Fredonia   .

Learn English Abroad at EC Fredonia

Learn English abroad at EC Fredonia where student experience is top priority. Summertime in New York is a perfect time for students to continue their language learning through authentic experiences. There are so many great university and community activities during the summer; how do students stay informed? Here at EC Fredonia, teachers take the time to make bright displays that draw students in and highlight the academic and leisure goings-on. Since our focus is student satisfaction, staff goes out of their way to make students feel informed and involved. A teacher, Liz, made this colorful bulletin board that has all the information needed to enrich the EC experience. To stay informed, students can stop by the board on their way to class to see what is happening on campus and in the surrounding community. Students who are engaged in community and campus activities are more well-rounded and successful. Come learn English abroad at EC Fredonia and experience the individualized attention of our wonderful staff. Read more about the EC Experience!

Become Fluent in English at EC Fredonia.

To become fluent in English is a great experience at EC Fredonia. During our beautiful late spring, students are enjoying warm breezes, sunshine and activities that draw them out in to the community. Live music was the highlight of nearby Dunkirk’s “Music on the Pier” where a diverse crowd gathered to appreciate the local musical talent. Additionally, students are welcome to take part in a local Ukulele jam to celebrate the coming of summer. While many students who attend the State University of New York At Fredonia are away on summer vacation, EC scholars have plenty to do around town. Farmer’s markets offering fresh fruits and vegetables pop up and the Lake Erie Wine Trail vineyard tours commence. A day at the shores of the lake after classes can be inspiring as well as relaxing. Wherever you go in Fredonia in June there is rich culture and gorgeous scenery to greet you.  Join us at beautiful EC Fredonia to become fluent in English! https://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/