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Study English at EC Fredonia and celebrate our country’s 241st anniversary!  It’s Independence Day and Fredonia, NY is bustling with the feeling of the holiday.  Red, white and blue dominate displays at the grocery stores and the party atmosphere is accentuated by gorgeous weather.  Here in the Great Lakes region, that means the boats are out and swimsuits are expected. The water of beautiful Lake Erie is inviting and warm. Typical American barbeques with beer, lawn games and fireworks are anticipated by everyone, but what is at the heart of this holiday?

This week, EC students are improving their English skills while learning about America’s independence from Great Britain.  Some little- known facts about this American celebration?  July 4th was not a national holiday until 1941!   Americans will eat 150 million hotdogs on this day.  Four U.S. presidents were either born or died on July 4th.  In 1777 Americans used lit candles to show their patriotism instead of fireworks (if your windowsills had no candles, it was certain you were loyal to Great Britain!).  There are so many interesting facts about our Independence Day, we at EC are so happy to be able to apply English skills to build historical knowledge.  Culture is power!

Learn English for University Purposes at EC Fredonia!

Learn English for University Purposes at EC Fredonia!



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