Study English at EC on Campus

Study English at EC on Campus at Fredonia and you will see it is the best place for you to learn. Not only is EC Fredonia in a beautiful setting on Lake Erie, but it also offers many services to it’s students.  A comprehensive team of teachers and coordinators are there to take care of your needs whether it is taking university courses, getting an apartment or finding fun things to do on campus.  Nawaf, a student from Saudi Arabia, said: “I think EC is the best place to learn English because you find good proficient teachers and a ready place to learn.  Also, you find nice teams in EC departments.  You will find all the services you need.  I recommend EC for anyone who needs to learn English because it is located in a nice university and a nice town.  You find people and they are ready to help you anytime.  You learn English by many ways.  Thanks for EC and for Robyn, Julee, Ellen, John, Richard and anyone who helps me in EC!” We are lucky here at EC Fredonia to have enthusiastic staff to set goals and help you achieve them.  We are always working on new ways to engage students and make the experience living abroad even better. Study English at EC on Campus and experience it for yourself!

Learning English Abroad at EC Fredonia

This week at EC on campus at Fredonia, students are finding out how learning English abroad is a great experience. EC students have many campus and community activities available to them.  From musical performances to volunteering in the community, international students can get the full college experience.  EC Fredonia is home to many students studying music.  The Sate University of New York at Fredonia is renowned for its music programs.  Students of classical music choose EC on campus at Fredonia because of this advantage.  Students of piano, voice, composition and music education come here to enjoy all the benefits of a university.  It is always surprising how many talented musicians come through the doors at EC.  Additionally, students recently attended a lecture about volunteering in the community.  There are many opportunities to do good in the village of Fredonia.  Students learned the 3 R’s of volunteering: responsibility, reward and recreation.  They spent time understanding these words and how they apply to helping the community.  Also, investigating agencies in the area that do volunteer work was helpful in getting to know the community better.  Learning English abroad is made greater by quality programs offered to EC.  Come and see the difference!