Academic Courses in English at Fredonia

Come to EC Fredonia and take academic courses in English to improve your fluency and cultural knowledge. Last week at EC many students took advantage of the multicultural celebrations happening on campus. Due to the American holiday of Thanksgiving, students learned about the traditions and celebrations that take place at this time of year. Students listened to a lecture about Native American history and tradition and learned about the first Thanksgiving. There was also a global banquet presented by the International department that featured many delicacies from American Thanksgiving and throughout the world. Students sampled pumpkin pie and turkey with cranberry sauce. Many students also traveled during the holiday break. Many students wanted to experience the thrill of black Friday shopping and some even went to New York City and Philadelphia to attend. One of the students even traveled to Rome. Now students are back in their academic courses in English ready to learn and become fluent!  

Study English at EC Fredonia

Study English at EC Fredonia and experience American culture for yourself. Last week at EC marked the spooky, scary holiday of Halloween here in America (and other countries around the world). Originally the ancient holiday of Samhain, this special day celebrated the harvest season. Later, as Christianity became popular, Samhain was called All Hallows’ Eve. It was a day of remembrance of the dead. Through many years and versions of English, All Hallows’ Eve became known as Halloween. EC students learned all about the customs of this holiday, such as dressing up in costumes, trick or treating and carving Jack O’ lanterns. Students also learned about the similar Hispanic holiday of Day of the Dead through an article in the university newspaper, The Leader. They learned that this celebration is a day of remembrance for the dead, much like All Hallows’ Eve. Altars are made in memory of those who passed away with their picture, favorite foods, candles and flowers. New this year, the university also held a competition to determine who could create the best altar. EC students viewed the altars and learned about this cultural holiday. Because there are many Hispanic people in America, this celebration is observed by many. Study English at EC Fredonia and enjoy the rich culture and experiences!