Learn English for University Purposes

Learn English for university purposes.

Its December at EC on campus at Fredonia which means a thick covering of snow and the beginning of winter activities.  With winter comes many long days inside where students may not get exercise and sunshine.  This can result in “winter blues” where some students may feel depressed.  Today, students attended a lecture at the counseling center with the Lets Talk About It program leader, Ivory.  This program allows students a safe place to talk about their emotions and receive help if needed.  EC and SUNY Fredonia are committed to providing every resource students need for their mental health.

So what can students do to combat the winter blues?  There are many activities happening in winter that can boost your mood.  Skiing and snowboarding are available at many local skiing resorts.  Ice skating is also popular as SUNY Fredonia has a skating rink for hockey teams and recreational purposes.  The Niagara Falls Festival of Lights is also a nice way to get out of town and see a beautiful show.  After Christmas shopping is also a great opportunity to get some retail therapy and lift your mood!  With all the activities available, students can stay active and combat depression.  However, the Lets Talk About It program is always there to help students in need!

Learn English for university purposes and receive the royal treatment!




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