Become fluent in English at EC Fredonia

Learn English for Academic Purposes Learn English for Academic Purposes at beautiful EC Fredonia.  There are so many ways to improve your English fluency.  The best way?  Study abroad at the English Center!  Located in the quaint village of Fredonia by scenic Lake Erie, EC’s campus is like no other.  While there are many English programs available all over the country, EC Fredonia has the college campus advantage. What does this mean to students?  Full access to the university’s library, computer labs, dormitories and restaurants.  Our students also attend many open lectures, concerts and theater events. SUNY Fredonia is renowned for the arts.  Many of the students who attend EC here are also musicians.  Pianists, flutists, vocal performers and music therapy majors add to an already diverse population.  These students find their niche where they can study both English and music.  SUNY Fredonia is not just for musicians, however.  With strong programs in education and science, our university has it all.  The best thing about it is you can transition from English classes to university classes seamlessly.  Our wonderful support staff is always there to help you achieve your dreams.  With a strong partnership with the international department, your needs will be handled expertly.  Learn English for Academic Purposes and be university ready!

Study English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Study English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and be ready for anything! British English or American English?  Many students studying English ask themselves this question.  Is there a difference?  Many people on both sides of the pond would say “yes!”.  There are differences in spelling, pronunciation and usage.  Studying in Great Britain allows students to learn specific dialects of English and the British style of spelling.  There are also many schools to choose from.  However, students are limited to a small area to explore and navigating the accents can be challenging.  In America, there is so much to do and see.  While there are many regional accents, many students say American English is easier to understand. However, we Americans don’t want to ignore British English.  EC students often listen to English accents during listening exercises. In order to increase this skill, EC Fredonia is starting an “English Tea-Time”.  This is where students get an intensive in British English while observing the culture of English Tea.  Great Britain’s David Attenborough is often featured in video and listening practice and tea snacks are served.  This is a time not only to become accustomed to British English but also to bond with friends and teachers.  EC students work so hard that it is nice to have a cultural experience while working on English skills too.  Come to EC Fredonia on campus and join us for tea time!

Learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP)! Students come to EC Fredonia to get the college experience. Right now that means fall semester has ended and the spring semester awaits. New year, new semester and with it comes new year’s resolutions. Is your resolution to learn more English? Maybe you want to improve your academic vocabulary in 2018? Did you know (if you qualify) you can also take college classes along with your English classes? Advancing your college career has never been more convenient. Come and enroll in our English for Academic Purposes classes and be prepared for university lectures, projects and much more. Get the university experience! Our excellent teachers focus on the academic vocabulary, note-taking and study techniques you need to succeed as a college student. Academic success is not only based on intelligence but also the methods you use to study. EC instructors can help you find the way you learn best. We can also assist you in navigating university and campus life. Once you have the tools you need to succeed, “the sky is the limit” as they say! Come to EC Fredonia and learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP).