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Do you ever wonder what it is like to attend an American university? 

Do you ever wonder what it is like to attend an American university?  Maybe you think your English isn’t good enough?  EC Fredonia has a solution that is right for you.  Our students can have both English instruction and experience living on campus.  There are so many things to do at SUNY Fredonia!  Improving your conversational English is easy when there are many social and academic events available.  Browse this snippet of our student events calendar this month and see all the fun and interesting opportunities to become more fluent: Paws to Relax Pet and play with certified therapy dogs. Part of the Counseling Center’s De-Stress for Success program. Observatory Public Viewing Take a guided tour of the night sky, and get a chance to look through the telescope on campus. Commencement Eve on Broadway: Music from… Join the Western New York Chamber Orchestra, along with student soloists and chorus for an unforgettable evening of music from Broadway blockbusters. Family Weekend 2018 “F” is for Fall, Families, and Fredonia! We encourage your family to come visit your student on one of the most exciting weekends of the academic year. All of these activities and more welcome EC and international students.  In fact, there is an international department on campus that has its own great events too.  These include coffee hour with Barry, who takes his time to really engage in conversation with students learning English.  Rarely will you find such an opportunity!  Also coming up is our Intercultural Center’s annual celebration of completion of the academic year where graduating international students are honored.  SUNY Fredonia and EC English together can offer you so much more than the traditional study abroad experience. Find out more about EC’s Academic English Courses  

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Come and study English for Academic Purposes at SUNY Fredonia and you will learn more than just a second language!  When you study abroad, you will also experience the culture that makes America great.  Need an example? Saturday many Americans celebrated a holiday that celebrates bilingualism and cultural fusion…el Cinco de Mayo!  For you non Spanish-speakers out there, that is the Fifth of May.  Why is this important to Americans? Many (one in seven!) Americans are Hispanic, or speakers of Spanish.  Specifically, this holiday is for Chicanos which are Mexican-American people.  It is a day to celebrate the heritage and accomplishments of Americans of Mexican descent.  Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the country, but especially where there are high numbers of Spanish-speakers.  Los Angeles and cities on the border with Mexico are known for their parties.  Who doesn’t love an opportunity to celebrate such a diverse culture as we have in America? EC’s English for Academic Purposes path may be the perfect way for you to join in the fun!