Learn English at SUNY Fredonia

Come and study English for Academic Purposes at SUNY Fredonia and you will learn more than just a second language!  When you study abroad, you will also experience the culture that makes America great.  Need an example?

Saturday many Americans celebrated a holiday that celebrates bilingualism and cultural fusion…el Cinco de Mayo!  For you non Spanish-speakers out there, that is the Fifth of May.  Why is this important to Americans?

Many (one in seven!) Americans are Hispanic, or speakers of Spanish.  Specifically, this holiday is for Chicanos which are Mexican-American people.  It is a day to celebrate the heritage and accomplishments of Americans of Mexican descent.  Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the country, but especially where there are high numbers of Spanish-speakers.  Los Angeles and cities on the border with Mexico are known for their parties.  Who doesn’t love an opportunity to celebrate such a diverse culture as we have in America?

EC’s English for Academic Purposes path may be the perfect way for you to join in the fun!




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