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Come and study English for Academic Purposes at SUNY Fredonia and you will learn more than just a second language!  When you study abroad, you will also experience the culture that makes America great.  Need an example? Saturday many Americans celebrated a holiday that celebrates bilingualism and cultural fusion…el Cinco de Mayo!  For you non Spanish-speakers out there, that is the Fifth of May.  Why is this important to Americans? Many (one in seven!) Americans are Hispanic, or speakers of Spanish.  Specifically, this holiday is for Chicanos which are Mexican-American people.  It is a day to celebrate the heritage and accomplishments of Americans of Mexican descent.  Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the country, but especially where there are high numbers of Spanish-speakers.  Los Angeles and cities on the border with Mexico are known for their parties.  Who doesn’t love an opportunity to celebrate such a diverse culture as we have in America? EC’s English for Academic Purposes path may be the perfect way for you to join in the fun!  

Study English abroad at EC Fredonia

Have you ever wondered about studying abroad?  Come experience EC’s English for Academic Purposes Programme and learn how to be successful in your studies.  The staff and instructors at EC Fredonia will give you so much more than knowledge of English.  In our unique setting (a university campus!) you will learn many new techniques.  One of these skills is the ability to write about an event you attended.  Since EC students attend many lectures and concerts, it is the perfect opportunity to practice writing.  On Wednesday, students taking the English for Academic Purposes programme went to the Art Gallery for class.  They listened to the director give a talk about how students think about art.   What a great opportunity to listen in English and take notes!  Our pupils not only practiced their English skills, but also practiced creative and critical thinking.  It is always exciting when learning and growth takes place outside of the classroom in an authentic environment.  EC English can give you a higher level experience.  Click the link below to start your journey!

Vocabulary lists specific to students’ majors

Want to improve your English skills? Come study at EC Fredonia and see how our devoted staff can help you meet your goals. Our amazing teachers are always trying to reach students in new ways. For example, this week, staff worked together to form vocabulary lists specific to students’ majors. EC Fredonia is different from other English schools because many of our students take both English classes and university courses. This gives our instructors a unique opportunity to customise courses. Students who study music, business or education can receive the intensive vocabulary study they will need to be successful in their fields. The result is a seamless transition to the State University of New York at Fredonia for many students. Having open communication between EC and the university is important to maintaining this uncommon relationship. EC instructors will not only teach you English, but will help you to prepare for college. In fact, our English for Academic Purposes program was created for this purpose. Students not only improve their literacy, but also learn what is expected of them in American universities.  Where ever you choose to go for higher education, come to EC Fredonia and we will prepare you well for your future! Find out more about EC Fredonia’s English for Academic Purposes Programme.    

Find out more about EC Fredonia’s English programme

EC Fredonia offers a unique experience for you. Our connection to the State University of New York at Fredonia means the full university experience for our students.  Did you know SUNY Fredonia offers over 170 groups and clubs?  There is a club for every interest such as the “Artists Alliance”, “Ultimate Frisbee”, “Friends Across Borders” and the “International Student Society” to name a few.   If you want to improve your English conversation skills, university clubs can help you!  The “Speaking Your Language” club or the “Play On Words” club will help you boost your American vocabulary.  Just joining a club is a way to improve your English with every meeting! EC students are welcome to join any group in the university, not just clubs.  All the perks of university life, such as access to computer labs and libraries, are available to EC students.  As you advance your English, you can experience all the university has to offer.  You can meet new people and participate in new activities.  This is a great way to speak more English.  What a unique opportunity to become a part of the university even before taking your first college class.  EC Fredonia is all about options.  You can take English classes while participating in college clubs.  Another option may be to take college classes along with English classes.  No other EC school offers this opportunity.  You and your team of instructors can decide when you are ready to do both.  Come and experience university life while you improve your English.  Learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP) on Campus at EC Fredonia!