Why Sydney is an awesome destination for studying English

EC student Yuno tells a little about why her experience at EC Sydney was the time of her life

Studying overseas is an opportunity that many don’t have. One of the benefits of studying English in a foreign country is being able to meet different people, learning different customs and opening your world to new ideas.

I spoke to a graduate from the English college about a valuable lesson she was able to learn while studying English in Australia, that she wouldn’t have learned had she stayed in her country.

Yuno is from Japan and talks about the differences in saving face and being reserved about your opinions.

“When I came to Australia, I felt the biggest difference is people. Unlike the Japanese, Australians are very friendly and are able to talk to strangers easily, so I think they are professional at making friends.

Also, as a part of Japanese culture, people who express their opinions very clearly tend not to be liked. It is considered a virtue to behave humbly and to take the other person’s opinions from their facial expressions and their atmosphere. I think it sometimes seems polite to people from other countries, but it’s just hiding what they think. However, in Australia you can enjoy expressing your feelings and opinions and exchanging opinions with each other.

I live in a sharehouse where an Australians live, and they often have frequent discussions and conversations until the morning. Perhaps because they live in a multinational environment, they don’t feel any barriers to foreigners and they can get along with anyone right away.

I am always very glad that I came to Australia because I can enjoy making friends and improve my English skills. I still feel uncomfortable expressing my opinions clearly, but I believe that this will help me improve my English ability, so I would like to continue to actively exchange opinions with various people.”

Although Yuno graduated last August, she loved Australia so much and returned in November. She continues to improve her English and spend time with Australians, learning more about our culture.

That is why you should Study English in Sydney at EC Sydney!

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