Remembrance Day

Hi everybody,

This week your EC Toronto team wants to talk about Remembrance Day, an important date to commemorate.

Remembrance Day is a time to recognize people who have served and continue serving our country during war, military conflicts and peace and is celebrated on November 11 each year in Canada.

Normally, during the weeks before Remembrance Day, people wear artificial poppies on their clothes. Red poppies symbolize the memory of those who died and white poppies campaign for non-military interventions in conflict situations. The money collected from the sale of poppies helps war veterans who are in need.

This important day is a statutory holiday in all Canada except Ontario and Quebec. However, it is recognized by corporations that are federally registered (for example, government offices and banks). Ceremonies will be held in front of the provincial government buildings at Queens Park, at Old City Hall on Queen St, as well as at Historic Fort York around 10:45 am.  (If you plan to attend, remember this is a very serious occasion.)

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EC Toronto will be closed on Monday November 12 for Remembrance Day.



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