Are you an AY student? If not, why not?

Being an Academic Year student is so much more than getting your marks recorded on a weekly basis.  Academic Year students get their own counsellor, or as one AY student translated to another AY student “Your own academic angel”. Your personal counsellor meets with you a minimum of once a month, but if you need them more often or have questions or want to hand in homework, you can visit your Academic Counsellor anytime. You can even send them an email message!  These “Academic Angels” follow your progress and push you and support you to get the most out of your experience at EC Toronto. What’s been even more interesting that I’ve discovered this past year, is that there’s a closer relationship and bond that builds with the AY students.  Everyone in the office knows them, and I begin to memorize their first and last names too!  They are kind of like student celebrities in my eyes. My personal students write me emails just to even tell me what they did on the weekend or on holidays. Your Academic Counsellors also start to get to know the real personalities of their AY students and can help them not only with academics, but also give advice on their adjustment in Toronto and special activities or programs to join. It’s a personal touch and added connection that is priceless. Now I ask you again – If you’re not an AY student, why not? Become an AY student by extending your studies, and you’ll also be extending your EC Toronto experience. If you want to see more pictures of our Acedemic Year students visit our EC Toronto Facebook page. Your EC Toronto Team

Best Sales in Toronto During Boxing Week(s)

Did you see the displays on the streets and in the shopping malls and advertisement posts on the Social Web? It’s ‘Boxing Week’! Special offers and amazing discounts are waiting for you! Here are some of the best places to go now: Where? Magwood Sale(1418 Dundas Street West) When? Dec 27 to Dec 30 What? Carefully selected vintage pieces Where? Ted Baker London Boxing Day Sale(Yorkdale Mall, 3401 Dufferin Street) When? Until end of January What? Clothes from across the pond. Men and women save 50 % on autumn/winter pieces. Where? Leigh & Harlow Boxing Week Sale (634 Queen Street West and 4 Karl Fraser Road) When? Dec 26 to Jan 6 What? Clothing from GSTAR, Mink Pink, Haight & Ashbury, Rich & Skinny, Scotch & Soda, Paige, Joe’s, Alternative Apparel (save up to 70 %) Where? Crocs and Reebok Warehouse Sale (International Centre, 6900 Airport Road) When? Until December 30 What? Sports Clothing from Reebok NHL apparel, Adidas golf wares, Callaway golf bags and running shoes Boxing Week and Boxing Month at Eaton Centre Toronto – Special Store Promotions: Where? H & M When? December 06, 2012 to January 01, 2013 What? Fashion Finds from $3! Ladies skirts from $3 and men’s shirts from $10, kids outerwear from $15, ladies knitwear from $7 + Scratch offs for the first 100 people in line! Where? Mexx When? December 26, 2012 to January 04, 2013 What? ADDITIONAL 50% off the last ticketed price Where? Levi’s When? December 26, 2012 to January 06, 2013 What? Up to 50% off! Where? Danier When? December 26, 2012 to December 30, 2012 What? Up to 70% off! Leather jackets starting from $99. Plus get 25% off the lowest ticketed price on all accessories! Do you want to see more sales’ offers and events? Then check out these links:–the-shopping-list-sales-and-events-in-toronto Your … Read more

Holiday Season Choir at EC Toronto

Last Thursday December 20, 2012 the whole EC Toronto school celebrated the Holiday and Christmas season with a singing activity. The attendance was amazing. Our teachers just informed the students and everybody wanted to come! Our EC Toronto students not only study English language in Toronto but also sing in English! Douglas, one of our great teachers, organized and instructed his class to sing a traditional song from the east coast of Canada in front of the whole school. He has been doing this every Christmas and it has been always a big success as it was again this year! Then, some members of our EC Toronto staff sang another traditional song, while our students had the chance to eat some candy canes to feel the Holiday and Christmas spirit. Everybody had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending this time together. See more photos and watch two videos of the holiday season choir on our EC Toronto Facebook page. Your EC Toronto Team

Gingerbread House Activity at EC Toronto – Our Students Were Hard Working, Creative Team Players!

This past Thursday December 20, 2012 we gave our students the opportunity to build and decorate their own gingerbread house in teams. During the preparation for this event we listened to some Christmas music and suddenly we felt the Christmas and Holiday spirit…  We were very surprised at the creativity of our EC Toronto students! They created some very lovely houses with many details and beautiful decorations. Now some of the gingerbread houses are located at the Front Desk. They symbolize our own lovely EC Toronto Christmas village made by our EC Toronto students. We hope everybody had a great time and enjoyed this Christmas and Holiday activity with the other students and the EC Toronto activity team. We are publishing more photos and a video of the gingerbread activity on our EC Toronto Facebook page. So if you like one or more photos give it/them a ‘Like’. 🙂 Your EC Toronto Team

Renato’s testimonial

I always thought that the most amazing moment in my whole life was my childhood. But that was before I came to Canada. Now I can say for sure that this time here in Canada is the most amazing in my life. Before I started to study English at EC Toronto, my English was basic. Nowadays I must say that I have improved my English a lot and reached a higher level than I imagined. EC helped me to learn the language and made me able to do a marketing course at University of Toronto. I’m doing the course, and I’m really enjoying it. The teachers at EC Toronto are very qualified, they know how to explain in an easy way, and they give attention to all the students; they are dynamic and friendly as well. I also had the pleasure to be part of EC’s AY program. It helped me a lot to improve my English and gave me the opportunity to have an exclusive tutor to support me and solve my weaknesses. EC Toronto also offered a lot of extra activities such as games night, movie night and interesting lectures by our great teachers. We enjoy everything and it helps our English as well! The time flies in Canada, so you need to enjoy every moment. My advice for you: go out, explore Toronto, meet new people and find new places. At school, make friends from all parts of the world. And study a lot. Never forget your goal! Enjoy this time as much as possible! I’m so grateful for all my great teachers and for my great school, EC Toronto!

How to survive during the Christmas and Holiday Season?

In our current blog we want to give you some information about the opening hours of the most important shopping malls here in Toronto. In addition to that, three of our staff members at EC Toronto give you some tips which market you can visit to buy a great Christmas gift for your family, homestay family and friends and maybe you can also pick up some ideas from them what to buy if you haven’t any creative idea yet.   Elizabeth Whittington Which is your favourite shopping mall? Kensington Market What do you want to buy? Do you have any ideas yet? specialty cheeses and other specialty treats & ice wine (great combo!) How much money do you want to spend? $ 50 – $ 100 per person (all in all $ 500) For whom do you have to buy gifts? my parents, boyfriend, sister, brother, sister-in-law, parents-in-law   Susan Craig Which is your favourite shopping mall? Yorkdale Mall (But I don’t really like malls, I prefer stores on the streets.) What do you want to buy? Do you have any ideas yet? funny and beautiful things, nothing practical! How much money do you want to spend? $ 10 each – be creative! For whom do you have to buy gifts? My family and a few close friends  

HOCKEY STRIKE – The End of the World for Canadians!

We think it’s time to talk about a really serious topic – the hockey strike in the National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada. We want to inform you in a professional way so we interviewed 2 big hockey fans – Sari and Joe – two members of our EC Toronto staff team. You will also get some additional comments from the author (in italic). We were really surprised because many of their answers were very similar. Toronto Maple Leafs is their favourite team. And neither has season tickets, because it’s too expensive. Joe has also no time to go out (…on Saturday nights – Really? What is better than going out to watch a sports game on Saturday nights?) Sari and Joe have never cried when their team lost because they ‘are used to their team losing’. (That’s sad in a really strange way.) Both can play hockey – Sari can play field hockey (not ice hockey) and Joe played on a team during his teenage years (a really great comment from him: ‘When I was 12 years old my team won a hockey cup and I was the best defence man… of 2 defence men.’ Congratulations belatedly!). And both are such big fans because watching a hockey game is really traditional in Canada. Sari and Joe have been sitting in front of the TV every Saturday night since they were kids. Another reason for Joe is that hockey is a fast, exciting and beautiful game for him (Seriously? Can a hockey game be beautiful? What do you think?). Both like Jonathan Toews from the Chicago Blackhawks as (one of) their favourite hockey players. But number one for Sari is Sidney Crosby, and after Toews her third favourite player is Ian White. During the two interviews we also found out … Read more

Our Christmas Decorations are Ready – Finally!

After we realized that our Christmas decorations from previous years were lost during our renovations, we decided not to be disappointed. Instead, we bought new Christmas decorations for our EC Toronto Christmas tree, candy canes, Christmas bows and tinsel. It took some time to prepare, but now we are ready to welcome our students at EC Toronto with holiday flair. Even our student counsellors are feeling the Christmas spirit and hopefully they can bring a smile to everyone’s faces for the holiday season. Your EC Toronto Christmas team 🙂