Black History Month 2013 in Toronto

Each February, everybody – Canadians and tourists in Canada – are invited to celebrate Black History Month. People honour ‘Canadians of African and Caribbean descent’ with many festivities and events. This year, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is focussing on the past and present achievements of black Canadians in law enforcement. Some Activities in Toronto: REGGAE OR NOT: The birth of Dancehall culture in Jamaica and Toronto (February 1 – 28; Gladstone Hotel: 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto) KUUMBA: Celebrating Black History Month through the arts (February 1 – 3; Harbourfront Centre: 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto) TOUNKANDE: A Black History Month performance by Ballet Creole (February 1 – 28); various locations) L.A. Rebellion: Creating a new black cinema (January 31 – February 19; TIFF Bell Lightbox: 350 King Street West, Toronto) IN CONVERSATION WITH JULIE DASH (January 31; TIFF Bell Lightbox: 350 King Street West, Toronto) DRUM BEATS: As part of the Mutadi International Drumming Festival in honour of Black History Month (January 30 – February 28; various locations) And here the link to explore the virtual Canadian Black History Museum: – You have to try it. It’s fantastic! Your EC Toronto Team

Have you been considering post-secondary education in Canada?

Have you been considering post-secondary education in Canada? Unsure of what to expect? University students (native and non-native English speaking students alike) face many challenges at school. EC Toronto offers ‘study skills’ courses, which are designed to help with some of these difficulties and help you hit the ground running. The courses aim to improve general skills found in different disciplines: note-taking, how to follow key themes in lectures, contributing in group seminars, and of course, academic writing. In most university or college courses, almost all of your grades are based on written work. Thus, the ability to plan, brainstorm, synthesize information, edit, and re-edit your work is essential. By the end of your course, at EC Toronto you will have a better grasp of, and better ability to do, what is expected of students at this level of education in Canada. So don’t forget, study abroad courses are more than just about learning English – they can also be part of your goal of getting the university education that will open doors for the rest of your life!

EC Toronto Students Express Their Opinions about Guns in Schools

Peter’s High Intermediate class read an article about teachers in the US wanting to take guns to school as protection. After some discussion, they wrote their opinions. Here is what Miguel and Taiana wrote. Although Miguel and Taiana have already finished their studies at EC Toronto, their classmates are sending them a greeting – hello, Miguel and Taiana, we miss you! Dear Mr. Gerald Valentino, My name is Miguel Licona, I’m writing from Canada but I’m from Mexico. I read the article of ‘teachers sign up for guns training’ and according to the article, you claim that teachers should be able to bring guns to school. However, I totally disagree and I want to show you why. Firstly, teachers mustn’t bring a gun to the classroom to protect their students. We can’t combat violence with more violence. If teachers are allowed to bring and use guns in the classroom, the violence will increase and more tragedies will be happen. Secondly, protecting students is not teacher’s business. The teachers should teach the students, not kill them. It’s their business to teach students to be a good citizen. Finally, I think that you want to get more money using this tragedy as a good reason for buying guns. You are only interested in selling guns. Actually you don’t care about the children. To sum up, students shouldn’t be protected only by hope, but also dreams, peace, love. So that we could live in a better world. Sincerely, Miguel & Taiana

Open House at Our Local Police Station

What? Metro Toronto Police 53 Division annual Open House It is an excellent opportunity for community members to meet their local police officers and to take a tour of the station. The tour involves crime prevention and educational displays and visitors have a rare opportunity to view some of our vintage police cars including a 1957 Chevy. On hand will be members of the TPS Mounted Unit, Police Dog Services, the Marine Unit and the Emergency Task Force. Refreshments will be served. When? On Sunday, January 20th, 2013, between noon and 4:00 p.m. Where?  75 Eglinton Avenue West, corner of Duplex Avenue, 1 block west of Yonge Street Website? Your EC Toronto Team

Luis de los Santos from Dominican Republic said about EC Toronto…

‘Being at EC Toronto has been a rewarding experience for me; it starts with the quality of the services and willingness of the staff to help me. I would like to say thank you to each teacher who gave me special attention during my stay. Before coming here I just had one goal in mind– learn English; however, in addition to feeling that my English had improved significantly, I made new friends from worldwide. Throughout my study time, the interaction with people from different cultures played a pivotal role in my learning process. Without good teachers, good infrastructure and very good friends, learning would not have been possible. For these reasons, I truly recommend EC Toronto as an English school.’

New Year’s Resolutions from our EC Toronto Students

The new year has started already, so we thought it would be a good time to ask our lovely EC Toronto students about their New Year’s resolutions. WOW – we got responses from 25 of our students! We were happy to see that most of them want to study more. That’s great! Good for them that they are studying at one of the best language schools in Toronto, right? At this point we want to mention that we are offering free workshops for different English levels for our EC Toronto students! The next workshop topics and dates are: Resume Building I on January 16, 2013 Job Interview Skills on January 23, 2013 Resumes & Cover Letters II on January 30, 2013 Pronunciation Practice for Korean Speakers on February 6, 2013 Pronunciation Practice for Arabic Speakers on February 13, 2013 For more information or to sign up please see our student counsellors on the 4th floor at EC Toronto. We are waiting for you! 🙂 And almost all of the students who responded are willing to change to a healthier lifestyle. This is a great decision! Our EC Toronto students also had the chance to add their own personal resolutions. Some of their wonderful answers are: Chisato: Not too much clowning around (But we like you just the way you are Chisato!) Yurie: ‘Keep smiling 🙂 Make many Canadian friends’ (You have many Canadian friends Yurie. Everybody in the EC Toronto office is your friend. :-)) Dario: ‘Be nicer to my parents.’ (That’s always a good and desirable resolution!) Elisa: ‘Stop procrastinating.’ (Oh yes! We think almost everybody has this as her/his New Year’s resolution.) Guilherme: ‘Start to read another book.’ (Yes, you can improve your reading and speaking skills if you read the book aloud.) Yasushi: ‘Find new English skills.’ (Good luck … Read more

Do you know how different people from different cultures at EC Toronto celebrate Christmas?

No? We will tell you in this blog! We asked our students from all over the world how they celebrate the holidays in their country. Yuko, one of our Japanese students, tells us that people from Japan very often spend Christmas Day with friends, go out to a nice restaurant where they of course celebrate this special time with Champagne and a cake. After that delicious meal they exchange Christmas gifts and play some amusing games together just to enjoy the company and this special event. Ali, a student from Saudi Arabia, tells us that Christmas is a new experience for him and the other Saudi students at EC Toronto because neither Christmas nor Hanukah is celebrated in their country. They are curious to see how the Canadians celebrate their Holiday season, and enjoy being able to celebrate with them! Hye-Rim, one of our student counsellors, enjoys her Christmas time with her family and/or her close friends and she prepares Christmas gifts for the children of friends and family. For her it is necessary to go to Church on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Morning to sing carols, to pray and to have a quiet time of reflection. Sara, another student counsellor at EC Toronto, doesn’t practice her religion. When Sara can spend Christmas time with her family, half of the family goes to church, while the non-religious ones stay at her grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve. After mass they enjoy a delicious dinner all together with lamb or suckling pig. When Sara isn’t in Italy like this year, she calls her family on Skype. Sara’s family shows her all the yummy food they are eating and make her regret that she decided not to go back home. Elizabeth, our Operations Manager, spends Christmas with her close family. Unlike most … Read more

The Wizard of Oz

The Mirvish Theatre in Toronto describes this musical with the words ‘A Journey to Oz like No Other’. Andrew Lloyd Webber decided to reproduce his famous, all- time classic musical ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The producer, creative team and actors bring you a world full of magic over the rainbow! All your favourite characters and ironic moments will let you recognize the classic version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. But some surprises in the story line and new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber will give you a better understanding of the real intention of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. But we don’t want to spoil it for you so check out the most important facts about the musical ‘The Wizard of Oz’: Where: The Ed Mirvish Theatre – 244 Victoria Street, Toronto Prices and Times: Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday 7:30PM ($107 | $85 | $75 | $45 + PREMIUM ORCHESTRA $150) Wednesday 1:30PM ($93 | $72 | $59 | $35 + PREMIUM ORCHESTRA $150 (Mar 13, 14 only)) Friday 7:30PM ($119 | $99 | $89 | $49 + PREMIUM ORCHESTRA $150) Saturday 7:30PM + Saturday & Sunday 1:30PM ($130 | $107 | $89 | $59 + PREMIUM ORCHESTRA $175) No Shows Jan 9, 1:30PM | Mar 12, 7:30PM + Added Show  Mar 14, 1:30PM Holiday Schedule: Dec 27, 1:30PM + 7:30pm | Dec 28, 7:30pm | Dec 29, 1:30PM + 7:30pm | Dec 30, 1:30PM + 7:30PM No Shows  Jan 1 Jan 2, 1:30PM + 7:30PM | Jan 3, 1:30PM + 7:30PM | Jan 4, 7:30PM | Jan 5, 1:30 + 7:30PM | Jan 6, 1:30PM Pricing for all shows Dec 26 – Jan 6 ($130 | $107 | $89 | $59 + PREMIUM ORCHESTRA $175) Running Time: Act One – 1 hour 5 minutes Intermission – 20 … Read more

EC Toronto – Unique Selling Points

Hi Followers, Fans and EC Toronto students, If you are interested in festivals, events, sport activities, theatres, art galleries and general activities in Toronto check out the following link: Places to visit in Toronto. You can learn about the most important and most interesting activities in Toronto to enjoy during your stay here and make it an amazing time you will never forget! If you have any questions please feel free to: come to our EC Toronto office (124 Eglinton Avenue West, 4th floor) write a blog comment visit our EC Toronto Facebook page to contact our Social Media team Your EC Toronto Team