Have you heard of these famous Canadians?

Are you able to quote three famous Canadians? Maybe not and that’s why your lovely EC Toronto team proposes that you learn some things about them. Jim Carrey He is one of the most famous actors in the world: He can be really funny like in The Mask or in Bruce Almighty but also serious like in The Tr … Read more

EC Toronto gives back to the community

For our ‘Giving Back’ Day on April 20 this year, EC Toronto staff gave up their Saturday to volunteer at the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club in Regent Park. Regent Park is a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto and is the largest Social Housing project in North America. We cleaned and … Read more


Earth Day?! What is it? Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States in 1970. It is the largest, and the most important, international environmental event. This event helps celebrate the incredible biodiversity of our planet   (For instance  http://www.ecenglish.com/blogs/Tor … Read more

The longest street in the world is in Toronto

Things to do along Yonge Street this week-end! First of all you have to know some things about this street, because it’s really peculiar. It cuts Toronto into two parts Indeed Yonge Street begins at Lake Ontario and crosses the entire city heading north until Richmond Hill. All streets, roads or ave … Read more

Time for Basketball!!

Time for Basketball!! Have you heard of the NBA? The NBA is the National Basketball Association and the best known championship league around the world. It is an inter-regional championship league of North America (United States and Canada). World famous teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, the San An … Read more

Crazy Hat Day 2.0 at EC Toronto!

Today at EC Toronto we had our 2nd annual Crazy Hat Day! Prizes were given for the most creative hat and the best home-made hat, and here are the winners — Chisato and Carlos. Both made their own hats, and both are amazingly creative! Don’t you agree?  We love them both! Even our special … Read more

The winter come-back at EC TORONTO!

Scarves, gloves, rooftops all white, any questions possible …. on this 11th  of April 2013, everybody has observed the come-back of snow in Toronto! Anyone who was here in April 2012 remembers that it was sunny and warm, really summer! Crazy weather is the rule in Toronto! In addition to its modern … Read more

Cherry blossoms and other Spring flowers in Toronto

The Cherry Blossom trees in Toronto will be blooming soon!!! Do you know the best place to see cherry blossoms in Toronto? You’re right if you said High Park (see our earlier blog for more information about High Park), near the Keele subway station on the Green Line. Spring is a beautiful time of ye … Read more

Springtime in Toronto means flowers and nature!

Spring is here! Maybe it doesn’t look like spring yet, but it is on its way. For the students of EC Toronto we think this is a great opportunity to visit some places and experience nature in Toronto! At EC Toronto we have chosen two locations for you to enjoy. EC Toronto students, let spring in this … Read more

EC Toronto’s talented student Chul

  Meet Chul, one of our new students at EC Toronto! Although Chul has only been at our school for a few weeks, he is already well-known by teachers, staff and fellow students for his amazing drawings of dream cars! Chul is studying industrial design in his home country of Korea, and is very tal … Read more